Friday find: wesenjaks

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I thought it would be fun to start sharing a random find on Fridays.  Nope.  It won’t be every Friday, because if I say that….I’ll never do it again.  (I still need to finish posting Harlow’s 52 weeks photos — I have them taken, just need to organize them all together.  Tangent: any recommendations on where to get a poster printed of all the photos? In a grid?  Kthankssomuch.)

So today’s Friday find: Wesenjak slippers.  As you can see from the photo above….my family is a little obsessed.  The only toesies missing? Jonesy’s.  And don’t you worry a hot second, he already has a few pairs waiting for his cute little feet to just get a bit bigger. 

I can’t take credit for finding these fabulous things.  My parents purchased a pair for my dad on a whim — I think maybe even on vacation?  They are 100% wool, but the bottom has a good grip to them, which is important for our all-wood-floor home.  

They can run you about $40 or more bucks……but Sierra Trading wins the day. 

Adult sizes: $20ish // Kid sizes: $20ish // a different style and another.

Go get you some.  They are fantabulous. 

Happy Friday!  What random finds are you loving on today?






If you follow me on instagram, you might have seen my proclaimed love for the mimijumi bottle.  As a mom to a current bottle-hater and a kid who was once a bottle-hater, I wish I had learned about these bottles when Harlow was a babe. 

Jones doesn’t need to take a bottle often — I’m comfortable nursing in public if I need to and really, I just kind of hate pumping unless I need to.  (If you are local and need milk donated, however, I love pumping for that reason — please email me!)  There have been a few evenings when I’ve been out for dinner or an event, and I haven’t been there to put Jones to bed.  After refusing bottle after bottle, I jumped at the chance to try the mimijumi.

I asked my dad to do the honors while we were home over Christmas.  I wanted to be present, but I figured we had more of a chance if I wasn’t the one giving him a bottle!  He gulped the entire thing — evening taking the last 2ish ounces from me!  It’s not a bottle to rush feedings, by any means, and I’m really thankful for that.  One reason I don’t do a lot of bottles is my own personal fear of my baby preferring that over me and causing problems with continue breastfeeding.  

IMG_4401 IMG_4402

We were so glad he would take a bottle during our drive home!  Harlow had just fallen asleep when I knew Jones would be soon to wake — and hungry — so I quickly pumped and filled a bottle for him.  (Sorry if you passed us on the interstate… insert no-see monkey emoji here.)  Harlow slept for a few more hours and Jones was fed: totally a parenting win moment in my book!


Mimijumi has generously offered to giveaway a “Not So Hungry” bottle (4oz) to one of you!  Easy peasy: enter below!

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