thirty of fifty-two || Harlow London

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 A portrait of Harlow London each week of 2014.


This week’s photo might be my most favorite photo of Harlow to date.  We arrived at my parents’ house before they got home, so we unpacked and then waited for them at the top of the driveway.  

Harlow had a blast twirling, running in the grass, exercising, directing traffic and then finally “driving” up the driveway when they finally got home!   

The fun hasn’t stopped — and she is keeping everyone in stitches.  Oh, the things a three year old says!


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road trip to the Dairy Air

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Yes, pun totally intended.  

Harlow and I took a two day road trip to my home state this past weekend, and well, I was so excited to get here…but not excited for that drive. 

Oh, did I forget to mention that I’m 31 weeks pregnant?  

mmm yes.  

And if you are here looking for my genius advice for such a long trip, I am not that wise.  I don’t claim to be smart enough to pour out that knowledge on y’all…not for one second.  I’ll share what I did, but take it with a very small grain of salt! 


I knew I needed to stop frequently to move my legs and walk around — I also knew that Harlow would be a much better passenger if she had some breaks.  The stopping thing is not my forte, and I would push through if I could with as few stops as possible.  I like goals, and I like getting to my goals quickly.  After a stop, I’d give myself about 30 minutes before I’d start on 2 bottles of water — believe me, it didn’t take very long before I had no choice but to stop.  We made about 7 or 8 stops over the course of the two days, and we actually made great time as well!


My mom had mentioned these readers to me back when Harlow was just a wee baby, and I honestly hadn’t given them much thought!  I saw 2 readers and a handful of books on a Pittsburgh Mom FSOT Group on Facebook…and I snatched them up.  Harlow spent hours reading these in the car!


Believe me, not all road trips have kept the iPad at 95% battery, but I chose to not even make it an option unless we were at the end of our ropes.  Harlow ended just watching the Music Man the last half hour of day one as we were just outside of Chicago.  I kept it out of sight — and we listened to her favorite movie soundtracks for fun sing-a-long times as well.  

All in all, I think I aged about 35 years during these two days of driving — my entire body was definitely aching — but our stop at my sister’s in Chicago and the final destination of my childhood home made it all worth it.  

And I am beyond thankful that Andy will be driving home with us. Huzzah!


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We are eating blueberries by the handful, pretending it’s warm enough to swim in the pool and taking long afternoon naps – both of us.  

We are missing Andy/daddy like crazy, but can’t wait for camp next week!



make a matching toddler and doll dress!

July 29, 2014
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Harlow is obsessed with all things matching.  I love it.  It’s so fun and interesting to see her little personality shine through.  Apparently I used to identify people with their face shape (“you know, mom! The guy with the square face!”) and what’s funny about that, is that I couldn’t tell you someone’s face shape now […]

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maternity fashion: save on the basics

July 28, 2014
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Oh, the ever-growing pregnancy bump….and the sad reality that I can’t just walk around in my birthday suit in this heat. Just kidding. As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I ruined a lot of clothes when I was pregnant with Harlow due to stretching them beyond where they should be stretched…. oops.  I guess […]

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twenty-nine of fifty-two || Harlow London

July 25, 2014

29/52  A portrait of Harlow London each week of 2014. I almost didn’t post these photos because I was embarrassed by the craftsmanship of this dress.  And then I realized how dumb and pathetic that is.  Harlow doesn’t care.  I have been completely hooked on sewing jersey lately — I blame getting my hands on […]

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