to my other half …

by kacia on 24 Oct ’14


to the man who makes me smile. 

to my baby daddy. 

to my best friend.

to my partner in the chaos. 

to my encourager. 

to the best laundry folder. 

to my bedside coffee deliverer. 

to my stand up comedian. 

to the love of my life, 





Happy Friday, loves!

if you see or know Andy, be sure to wish him a happy birthday … he’s getting old, and I love it. ;) 





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I’m not kidding.  This bag, well, the designer of this bag, Jackelynn, thought of everything!  I don’t want any of the details she put into this bag to be lost — so today I’m going to do more of a typical review post.  I want each feature that I love to be shown.  And psssst!  There is a great giveaway today from Vilah Bloom!


It’s no small secret that I love bags.  Love’m.  Shoes, meh.  But bags? Yes.  I love bags that have a purpose, though, designed with the user in mind.  What are their needs?  What is its function?  How is it best used?  This Vilah Bloom bag has become our “museum and park” bag.  If I start loading it up, Harlow knows we are headed on an adventure!  

I’m ready for it to stop raining, so we can head to the park again soon with this lovely thing!

When Jackelynn reached out to me, the first thing I did was head on over to Vilah Bloom to see what these bags for “Life’s Little Messes” were all about.  

I think you’re going to see right away why I titled this post what I did! 


The most obvious design feature of Jackie’s bags are the wet wipe dispensers that are hidden by a simple magnetic closure.  I have a lot of bags with a wet wipe container inside….which undoubtedly always falls to the very bottom of the large back leaving it almost impossible to dig out when it’s needed!  

The wipes dispenser is right on the front of the bag: accessible when it’s hooked to a stroller or sitting on a park blanket.  


Harlow wanted to help me show off our “museum bag,” as she calls it!  Check out her smile below ;)  and yes…that sign really does say what you think it does behind her.  That’s a story for another post…one that I will probably tell…. one day.  ha. 


But really, I love that the wipe dispenser is easy to access — not just for me, but for Harlow as well.  I cannot tell you the number of times I’ve gone to get a wipe, and she declares, “I do it, mommy!”  I love that she wants to help and that I’m able to let her!

IMG_9920 IMG_9923 IMG_9924

The Vilah Bloom bags come with a wipes dispenser that fits right into the designated pocket.  Each bag also included instructions on refilling the wipes container and the recommended amount as well.  


Next up, the stroller straps. 


The Vilah Bloom (shown here in the Nantucket Navy) can be worn in a few ways: over the shoulder, cross body or hooked to a stroller.  Inside each end of the bag are the strap and hook that you see in the image above.  Simple look that strap over your stroller handles, clip onto the rings found on either side of the exterior of the bag and you’re good to go. 

I’ve also used these straps to clip the bag to the back of a car seat for an outing — it makes for easy access to the wipes, as well as keeping the bag from getting buried with everything else that might be packed in the car for a trip.  


The zippered top. While these is a time and place for bags that don’t close fully, my go-to diaper bag always does.  There is way too much movement and baby-holding-toddler-hand-holding-opening-car-door-while-holding-groceries-and-diaper-bag yoga moves going on to add “have everything fall out of your diaper bag” to the list.  

No thanks.  The Vilah Bloom zipper is easy to close with one hand — it stays attached at one end, so you’re not fussing with two separated panels to zip together.  


The external changing pad. 

Similar to the wipes container chronically falling to the bottom of my diaper bag, I’m in love with the changing pad being nested right in a grabbable (not a word but should be) place.  The pocket is large enough for it to easily slip back in — and it’s easy to fold back up.  


If you are a cross-body bag wearer, the Vilah Bloom can easily be converted to be worn in that way.  Each bag comes with a strap that can be stored in an interior pocket or left clipped to the exterior rings also used for the stroller straps. 


I love that Jackelynn saw a need and found a solution: it’s clear that she’s a mom designing for other moms.  I love how she describes her previous frustration:

“After countless trips of forgetting my wet wipes and being less then prepared when little messes occurred with my own kiddos, I became bound and determined to design a diaper bag that fused fashion and function to help prepare parents (new and experienced) for their life’s little messes. I wanted the bags to be functional, lightweight and allow easy one handed access to wipes at all times. The bags had to dispense wipes out of a hidden compartment as to not lose their sense of chic-ness. My hope is that Vilah Bloom will cater towards those fashionable minded moms who don’t want to give up their sense of style for true function as a parent. ” – Jackie Garrett

I’m so excited to be able to share this new company with you all today — go show her some love!  Annnnnd enter to win $150 to spend at Vilah Bloom! (her clutches are so great, too!)

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