Yup. Today I am talking about my favorite nursing bras.  So instead of photos of said bras….I’ll just be including photos of my cute chubster-mc-chubberton.  And the Harls, of course.


When it comes to breastfeeding, finding a comfortable nursing bra is super important….and not super easy.  When I was pregnant with Harlow, I was clueless about the correct size to get (let’s just say I really did not understand of anticipate the change that was a’coming) and all of the bras I purchased were way too small. 

Way too small and nursing bra should not be allowed in the same sentence.  No. Ouch. No. 

I found Bravado Designs, and I love their mentality about making sure their customers are comfortable and feel great:

At Bravado, we know that feeling physically uncomfortable is not fun.  When a pregnant or new mom feels comfortable, she feels good, she feels confident and believes she can achieve anything.

It’s clear that Bravado really strives to make products that are comfortable, luxurious and functional.  

I had the chance to try some Bravado nursing bras, and I’m hooked.  My favorite — and the one that I’ll be ordering a few more of as soon as I finish writing this post — is the Body Silk Seamless.  Apparently I’m not alone!

I love that this bra is so easy to size, and it’s seamless design is perfect. 

Bottom line: I am not happy when it’s in the wash, so I’m buying more.  

And I want one of y’all to win one!  (Winner will choose size and color.)

But first, another Jonesy picture. 


Good luck! 

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fall faves & live fashionABLE

by kacia on 29 Oct ’14

Hey y’all! just popping in to let you know that I’m over at fashionABLE today with some of my fall favorites!

and use the coupon code KACIAFAVES for an extra $5 off the already discounted birthday sale prices!!

fall faves

off to curl up on the couch with a book and some hot apple cider!




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