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As you know, we recently welcomed our third baby just 5 weeks ago!  On one hand, it feels like time has sped by.  On the other hand, Lucia is so integral to our family already, it feels like she’s been around forever!

…I also felt like I was pregnant forever, so perhaps that’s why? 

I am definitely not a baby or parenting expert, but after bringing 3 babies home, I do know that I’ve learned a few things. 


Babies don’t need much. 

It’s true!  They love the faces of the people they love.  They love their own toes!  It’s so easy to fall into feeling like you need every gadget and gizmo ever created, but the truth is: you don’t.  There are definitely a few baby goodies that I don’t think I could live without, so that will need to be a post for another time.  (Spoiler alert: some of my favorite baby items are included in the amazing giveaway! Keep reading for information on how to enter.)

Smother that baby with love, snuggles and kisses.  That’s really what they need!


Sleep begets sleep. 

I tend to get on my high horse about this one….babies need sleep!  You might think keeping them up during the day as much as possible will bring hours upon hours of sleep at night, but an overly tired baby? Oooof.  Let’s not go there.  

I remember when Harlow was a baby, and I suggested to Andy that he simply count her yawns.  When she had yawned three times (this was after nursing and having a little awake time — as short as a few minutes sometimes!) we swaddled her, placed her in the bassinet with a pacifier, and out she went.  I know all babies are different — pacifier babies, thumb babies, swaddle and no swaddle, noise machine and silence.  Their need for sleep is the same, however!  And the more sleep they get….the more sleep they get…the more they sleep.  It’s silly and crazy — but really, I believe it to be true!


Comfy clothes win the day. And night! 

When looking for newborn and early month clothing, I always look for comfortable pieces.  I throw jeans and things out the window for these early months, because I want my babies super cozy!  They are sleeping so much, and I know that I like to wear cozy clothes to sleep!

While Lucia is living (and sleeping!) in quite a few hand-me-downs, I find her wearing her Gymboree Newborn Essentials more than anything else these days.  The first thing I noticed is how soft everything is — even after multiple washes, they have remained so soft and cozy.  The outfits are interchangeable, so you can mix and match! I keep one of the reversible blankets in my diaper bag at all times — along with the reversible bib.  Lucia is quite the spitter, and it tends to be when I’m least expecting it, of course!

Want to win some of my favorite baby essentials?


Did you know that September happens to one of the most popular birth months?  You can probably do the math and figure out why the fact might be true, but we’ll go ahead and move on to this amazing giveaway! Gymboree has teamed up with some amazing brands to bring you over $2,500 in prizes!  Brands included: Gymboree, Land of Nod, Seventh Generation, 4moms, Baby Bjorn, munchkin and Aden + Anais.  Did I mention that I have a favorite cannot-live-without baby essential from each one of these brands?  They are all incredible. 

You can enter to win the sweepstakes here!

Good luck! And happy Friday!


This post was written in collaboration with Gymboree.  All opinions are my own.



the sister magic

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img_5921 img_5998

The request to wear her sister always seemed to come at the worst time: Lucia was hungry, tired or the house was just chaotic. I’d said no and not right now and maybe tomorrow too many times to count, so I prepared her: 

“It might be quick. She’s pretty hungry and tired.”


As I helped Harlow wrap her, Lucia was fussy and squirmy.  I was nervous that Harlow would get overwhelmed by it all.  After only a few minutes, I told her I should probably just take her out to feed her and calm her down.

“No mommy. I can do this.” 

And with that, she walked away, bouncing gently, patting Lucia’s back with one hand as she held her pacifier with the other. She sang in her ear and whispered,

“I’m right here, Lucia.  I’m right here! It’s okay.  It’s okay.”

Within seconds, Lucia had calmed. And within minutes, she was asleep.  

That sister magic is real.

img_5931 img_5950

Things have changed a little bit around here!  We welcomed Lucia Jane into the world a few weeks ago, and our lives are so much sweeter.  Her labor and delivery was all her own — I hope to share it with you soon.  I’ve been sharing so much of what I would have been blogging over on instagram, if you care to follow along. 

I’d been waiting for the right way to jump back in.  Do I apologize for taking such a break? Do I just pretend like I didn’t?  So here I am, acknowledging the needed break and moving on.  I’m ready to give this space a much needed makeover.  I’m anxious to share what we’ve been up to.  I’ve miss you all.  

Thanks for sticking around and being patient with me.


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