I’ve often said that I will look for excuses to match Harlow until she tells me that I’m not allowed to anymore — and I will keep on saying that and living it.  While sometimes I love matching her a bit more overtly, but other times I love being a bit more coy in my matching endeavors.  When given the opportunity to team up with a few gals for a mom and daughter style post, you know I jumped all over that!  

First up: Rackroom Shoes.  

I immediately was drawn to a simple pair of black boots for each of us!  I picked a tall, over the knee Women’s Boot for me and a Toddler fuzzy interior boot for Harlow.  We walk a lot given our city-living lifestyle including church on Sundays.  Boots that we can pair with dresses are key for us both during the winter.  I love that Harlow is a tomboy-princess.  You will often find her with a tiara and princess dress helping Andy in the basement with her Home Depot apron and a hammer.  So combining a fancy dress and boots?  It’s a combination that fits her perfectly. 

Have I mentioned how awesome she is? 

img-11 rr1 rr2 img-19 rr3


Harlow was really getting into taking photos today.  In case you were wondering if life was boring around here…. ;)

Harlow’s dress was a find by my mother-in-law at the local Repurposed.

My dress is a nursing dress from emoi emoi ….that I will probably wear every day. I love it!


Be sure to check out the gals sharing their holiday fashion with their mini-me’s today too!

mama series 2

Sandy / Megan / Carly




Thank you to Rackroom Shoes for sponsoring this post.  All opinions — and our obsession with these boots – are my (and Harlow’s) own. xo!



They look like they are scheming …. don’t they?  Life is going to be a bit crazy, I think, with these cousin babes born two days apart.  When we were busy packing up the car to drive out and meet Teddy for the first time over Thanksgiving, I of course decided that I needed to make onesies for the occasion. 

Of course I did. 

“Andy, I’m going to need about 20 more minutes.  Don’t ask why.” Ha.  

Twenty minutes later I had 4 onesies packed in my bag for these cousin twins.  Did I kiss my ScanNCut?  You’d better believe I did!


I kept both of the onesies super simple!  For the Cousin Baby A and B, I made two text fields measuring the same width.  I then positioned the Iron-On Transfer sheets on my mat with a constrasting color in place for the A and B, respectively.  These onesies Iron-On Transfer Flock Material.  

To make the Thing 1 and Thing 2 onesies, I did a quick google search and came upon this tutorial.  While I was tempted for a quick second to make matching strapless dresses for the little guys… (I’m completely kidding — click the link if you are absolutely confused.  Ha.)  I ended up with boring ‘ole baby onesies for these as well.  

I downloaded the images available in the tutorial and uploaded them into ScanNCut Canvas.  With quick Image Trace, I had my cut files for these onesies in a minute at most.  I saved those files on a USB Stick, opened them on my ScanNCut Machine, mirrored the image, set my blade depth — done and done.  



I’m in love with how these little matching projects turned out!  And I’m also in love with how easily I made them thanks to my ScanNCut!  

I wasn’t even planning on mentioning this, but it seems dumb not to — the ScanNCut will arrive before Christmas!  Still time to pop it on your wishlist and receive it before the holiday!  Huzzah!  That’s pretty amazing. 

Harlow’s praying diligently for snow, so I will apologize in advance if her prayers come true for those of you hoping the white stuff stays away!


I’m a paid spokesperson for Brother ScanNCut — all opinions and love for this machine are genuine and my own. 

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