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Last night I rocked my baby girl to sleep.  She’s not really a cuddler + has always just wanted to be left alone to fall asleep.

I didn’t want to put her down.

I didn’t want to tackle anything on my to-do.

I just wanted to sit.  + rock. + sing to my baby girl.

I set her down in her crib + stood there.  Just watching her sleep.

Praying for time to simply pause to take one. long. breath.  Give me more time with her each day. 

cutting back + adding more

This post has been in draft for months.

It’s been full of rambling thoughts + plans.  It’s been set to publish + set back to draft.

I want to simplify.

I want to cut back.

I want it for my family.

When Harlow was born [almost a year ago, wow] I loved that life. slowed. down.

I took time to enjoy the small things + I promised myself I wouldn’t let that change.


I’ve allowed myself to book up.  Full days. No rest. Burning the wick from both ends: going to bed too late + waking up too early.  Saying yes to too much.  Not taking time to have my priorities in line. 

I’ve delayed posting these thoughts because I don’t have answers.  I don’t know where to start the scissors.  I do know where to start, but distractions know my weaknesses.

I look back fondly at the times in my life when my priorities were right.  I had Him at the center: everything else fell into place.  Look back fondly?  That’s not how it should be.

I want my husband, my children, my friends to see my actions line up with what I say.


This act of removing clutter from my life + my family’s lives is a process.  I’m not sure what it will look like, but I know it will allow us to live more. Live louder.  Live more simply.

I want to cut back the clutter to add more to my life.

I was inspired to finally publish these thoughts [I’m so nervous I won’t be able to do it.  To cut back.  To change.] when I read how Simple Design was born.  I know I’m not alone.  I know that my journey to simplicity won’t hold a candle to Ari + her incredible team!  But I know this is a marathon that I have been ignoring for quite some time.

How about you? Is life cluttered + too busy?  Any ideas for slowing down? Cutting back?

In it with you + no idea what it’ll look like,

cutting back + adding more








Thought I’d share a few photos of some newborn Luca boots sent out recently.  They are so teensy, tiny + perfect …. they make my uterus twitch a bit.  No joke.

cutting back + adding more

cutting back + adding more



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cutting back + adding more

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