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by kacia on 18 May ’12 · 2 comments

So much has happened in the past week! It’s been an exhausting week, but a good week.

A few days ago, I posted a video of Harlow walking!  I have since learned that she’s walking-walking in that video + apparently my perfectionism has waltzed its way into my mothering.  [wha? I can’t compartmentalize my personality? boohiss.]  About a month or so ago – I need to find the exact date – Harlow started taking 3-6ish steps on a pretty regular basis.  I, of course, didn’t consider that walking, because she was still primarily crawling + she wasn’t walking from point-to-point.


I need to ease up on my perfectionism + expectations, but more on that another time.  But anyhoo: the video is still ca-yute! 

In other news, I’m so behind [updated: behind in life, work, orders, emails, etc.], that I’ve cried a few times this week.  Harlow had her first fever.  :o[ Not fun, but I think it might have been God’s way of telling me to just slow….down.  I’ve got so much to do, I think it’s pouring out of my ears, but I need to just take one day at a time.

If you follow me on twitter, you might have seen a few tweets yesterday about the Soul Detox reading plan on the YouVersion app!  A few of us are reading it together over these next 35 days: you are all welcome to join!  The more the merrier!  If you don’t have a phone capable of the YouVersion app, you can join + read using your computer!  Be sure to link up!

insta update | 18 May 12

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Lately, Harlow has been way into kisses.  I looked over at her while she was on the potty the other morning + she was going to town kissing her baby doll! I wish I would have captured the moment better, but this photo is still pretty cute.
We hit up the zoo with my friend Angela + 2/5’s of her kid clan.  Harlow was missing her boyfriend, Jude, but Micah + LuLu were so much fun! + I basically started scheming how I could get the baby gorilla home with me…  But I want it to stay a baby gorilla… not possible?  psh.
The weather has called for a lot of iced coffees.  [Thank you, Sis, for my ice coffee french press!!!]
I posted quite a few pizza photos this past week!  Pizza + pesto pasta have become our “go-to” meals!  I promise to post our new crust recipe: it’s da bomb.  Yes.  I just wrote da bomb.  We’re going back to the nineties, y’all.
In between working on orders + my to-do list, I have been designing + writing new patterns for boots, slippers + shoes.  My uterus keeps twitching a bit … they are so cute!
[PS: if you emailed me about ordering, I did receive your email! It’s just taking some time to get back to everyone! I will: promise!]
I celebrated my first Mothers Day!  Andy + Harlow treated me like a queen!  I’m sure Harlow helped Andy make the breakfast they brought me in bed: the real gift was listening to them laugh + giggle as I stayed snuggled in bed.  Andy completely spoiled me with an iPad 3 + we’re picking it up tonight!  I can’t wait to Skype + facetime with Harlow’s Babu + MorMor and Grandpa + Grandma more often!!
I wrote about becoming a shoemaker the other day.  My own daughter hadn’t had a new pair of boots or goodies from me in ages!  So I needed to whip up a pair for her.
Yup.  I’ll wait until you clean up your melted self off of the couch or floor or ground or wherever.
Finished? okay. we’ll move on. :o]
Harlow + I snuggle in bed each morning while her daddy does his morning reading + praying.  It is one of my absolute favorite times of the day + makes me fall in love more with Andy each day.
I splurged + got Harlow a lollacup.  Verdict: she loves it.
Annnnnnnd another pizza post.  This pizza was covered in my first attempt at balsamic glaze!  Yum-de-yum-yum-yum.
Harlow was still feeling under the weather yesterday, so she was super chill as we prepared to go on a walk. [This mama needed to get out of the house!]  I had purchased these sunglasses a while back, but she always refused to keep them on!  Apparently she realized how cool she looked!
annnnnd then the cute continued!! Wyler got pretty tired on our walk, so he rode with Harlow for a while. :o]  Each time I tried to stop + take a photo, they both got a bit antsy, but while we were on the move, they were both content!  I definitely got a few comments including an emphatic “OH-MY-GOODNESS-THE-CUTE-HAPPENING-RIGHT-THERE-IS-TOO-MUCH! GETTHATONYOUTUBEANDYOUWILLHAVEAMILLIONHITS”
I laughed.
one more.

this is a vintage instagram: one of our many pre-baby dates.

I’m going to get all sappy + cheesy on y’all: 4 years ago today was our first kiss.  1-2-3…awwwww!

I love you, babe!

+ that’s our life lately in instagr.ams!

What have you been up to lately?  Any fun plans for the weekend??
Say something genuinely nice to an unsuspecting victim ;o] today!

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Karen Elizabeth Hosmer May 18, 2012 at 9:19 pm

It was a french kiss, right?


Katie May 18, 2012 at 11:01 pm


harlow’s smile mooshes my heart every time I see it. SUCH a cutie!

Also, random, but Maggie (Gussy) went to the high school where I teach. She graduated the year before I got my job there.

It makes me feel old every time I tell someone how I “know” her.


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