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Past week has been crazy.

This girl is exhausted.

Yes, I cried + called my daddy after dropping my mom off at the airport: it never gets easier to say good bye.

My to-do list is growing, but I’m not getting discouraged.

insta update | 31 May 12

She did it.  She turned one.
Goodness sakes I love her so much!
+ she is a HAM.  y’all? I need to post this video we got of her “whistling.”
it. is. hysterical. 
Harlow cannot get enough of her Aunt Kait + thankfully Aunt Kait can’t seem to get enough of Harlow [LowLo as she calls her] either.
Birthday party aftermath!
+ a peek at my completely not-decorated-no-artwork-on-the-walls-home.
You’re welcome.
We are dog sitting this week + I want to keep her.  Harlow is totally smitten.
oh man the cute.
One thing my mom is so amazing at, is making sure that Andy + I have us time when family is in town.  She forces us out of the house to have dates almost every time she is in town.  Or she makes me run some errands by myself.
Mom: you know what I need better than I do myself.  I come back feeling so full of love + we definitely love having a meal without feeding a youngster at the same time!.
MorMor had to leave today [yes, there were tears], so we relaxed + played hard this morning.  We of course needed to Skype with Babu, which always brings a smile to Harlow’s face!
We spent a lot of time reading today, including some of Harlow’s new books!
She adored flipping through the pages of her new ABC book full of photos of family + herself.  Each time she came to “F is for family,” she started giggling + laughing.
Someone pinch me.  I am so blessed.
We had roast chickpea lettuce wraps for dinner tonight!  Harlow was quite the helper in her new apron.  The meal was inspired by this recipe from Mama Pea over at Peas and Thank you.  I didn’t go buy anything for it, but made them to try to use up some of what we had in the refrigerator!   I ended up making a cole slaw to put on them with broccoli slaw, vegan sour cream, spices + lime juice.  Y’all.  Just y’all.
Make them.
what have you been up to lately?

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