i’ve become a shoemaker.

by kacia on 7 May ’12 · 2 comments

I had to google that saying.  I knew the gist of it…but unfortunately I have a track record of really messing up those “popular” sayings… just ask my husband. ;o]

the son of a shoemaker has no shoes.

or as it was originally worded:

the cobbler’s children go unshod.

In my case, it’s my daughter.  + I’m totally not a shoemaker.

but you get the idea. 


the alternate title this post would be “supply + demand.

I promise that this post has nothing to do with breastfeeding.  But that is a great lesson on supply + demand, too.

I digress. <– I tend to do that a lot, eh?

I don’t really know much about it – except for the phrase.  I don’t claim to know much about economics, but I do know one thing:

I can’t keep up with the demand.  The Coconut Robot orders.

+ this problem is a good amazing problem!!

And you are all to thank.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Thank you for each day, getting us closer + closer to our adoption.  Thank you for your kind words.  Thank you for your encouragement.

don’t worry! I’m not going anywhere!! 

this day simply marks the beginning of better + more exciting things for Coconut Robot.

But I need to catch up.  I need to do some [edited to add: business housekeeping – although I could always do more of the real stuff, too!] housekeeping, so that this fall + winter can be full of new designs + easier ordering!  Coconut Robot will still be my designs.  Your product will still be a keepsake.  High-end.  + custom + unique to you. 


What does this mean for you?

1. if you have already emailed me about an order, a potential order, or I’m working on your order: have no fear!  Your items will be out the door + in the mail as soon as possible!

2. You can place an order for the next week-ish!! For right now, orders can be places through 11:59pm EST on May 15.  Email me to place your order. 

3. I will still be blogging!  I will be updating y’all on our adoption journey.  I will be sharing new [yay!!] designs! I will be working on a smoother ordering system – while still keeping every product custom + one of a kind.

4. Stay tuned for flash sales, giveaways, discount codes + other fun things over the next few months! If you’d like, you can subscribe to receive posts via email. [see below]  or via feedburner.  or via bloglovin.  or just come back often! :o]


5.  + so importantly: don’t be a stranger.  Promise?

I also wanted to tell everyone about an Ah-mazing new, faith based [you don’t even need to be a blogger] conference!! It is happening in Indianapolis, from October 11-13.  You’ll be hearing more from me about it [I’m sure :o] in the weeks + months to come!  Check it out.  + this post about it.  This post about it.  + this post about it.

+ because posts with photos are oh-so-much-more-fun.

thank you ALL for loving me hard.  For believing in me when I doubted … oh, have I + do I doubt.  Y’all are Jesus to me as you encourage me when you don’t have to.  Love me when I don’t deserve it.  + Pick me up when I’m a mess. 

Go get those orders in!



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elizabeth May 7, 2012 at 1:40 pm

If I want a pair for this coming fall should I order them now or will you be open in time for that season? lemme know. LOVE YOU


Katie May 8, 2012 at 5:11 pm

Girl, I am so glad we “met”! I am loving taking this journey with you!


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