Summer + pregnancy = dresses. 

So many dresses. 


As you probably know by now, I’m a huge fan of maternity pieces that can be repurposed or worn post-bump as well.  This dress was cute on the hanger, but then screamed my name when I tried it on.  It is incredibly comfortable, super flattering and can definitely be worn postpartum — and is super forgiving in hiding that post-baby-bump-still-have-a-bump-bump that we all know about.  

I totally remember running errands with my mama and Harlow after she was born — my mom was holding Harlow as I was returning a few items, and I was asked about 3 times how far along I was…. oy.  Um.  Yes.  that bump.  



You can nab this dress at Motherhood Maternity for a great price — as well as the striped jersey dress a lot of you asked about from my bump-date last week!





And of course Rachel nabbed a photo after we stepped outside the instant a gust of wind came through.  Whoops!


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