thirty-four of fifty-two || Harlow London (first day of school!)

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A portrait of Harlow London each week of 2014.

How do we have a preschooler already?  How!?

Harlow has been begging to go to school for a while now, and we really hadn’t planned on doing 3 year old preschool, but decided to apply last minute and see if a spot opened up.  We found out 4 days before her first day that she got in.  

She wakes up every morning asking if the day is a “stool” day.  

She. Is. In. Heaven.  


I knew I wanted to document her first day, but honestly the perfectionist in me was freaking out about where we’d snap a few photos.  As you can see, the front of our home is in less than perfect condition, as we are still dealing with the clean-up from the accident that occurred back at the end of June.  

I never really wrote about it here, so in a nutshell: 3am drunk driver we are in Chicago house is fine so thankful we weren’t home thankful it is nothing structural and insurance has been wonderful…it’s just a long process.

But I decided that this is reality of what our front door and steps look like during the start of this school year, so that is what our backdrop will be!  (I was testing out a new paint color for the door a week before this happened…. hence the multi-colored door.  Y’all, the front of our home is such an eyesore — I’m so thankful for wonderful neighbors!)


showing us how old she is

33 of 52 650 pix-2

so proud of her “bat-pat!”  My parents got this one for her during their time in Vietnam — she loves it!

33 of 52 650 pix-9

and just in case you were curious as to how boring life is with this precious gift….

fun with daddy

or how she really feels about my kisses, apparently. ;)

kisses for mommy33 of 52 650 pix-13


Harlow London, 

We are so proud to be your parents — and also humbled and terrified by the responsibility each and every day.  We are so excited to see you grow and be challenged this year as you experience your first year at school.  Your compassion and love for others shines so brightly, and your joy is infectious.

Our prayer for you this year is that you would continue to love others well.  That you would love the child sitting alone and bring unity to your classroom and friends.  You already do that, Harlow.  You have this incredible ability to just see right past appearances and love the hearts of everyone you meet.  

Don’t stop loving others the way you do, sweet girl.  Find beauty in the world, amidst the crud, and then make it more beautiful. 

We love you!



I totally photoshopped the chalkboard text…I might be artistic, but painting my nails and writing pretty with chalk are two things I will never put on my resume.  Nope, not good at them at all!

Happy Friday loves — enjoy the long weekend!


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Leah Stammeyer August 29, 2014 at 9:34 am

Your post made me tear up! I’m preparing for my little man to turn two in 14 days and I’m NOT ready! But Harlow is going to be AMAZING at school!! And it might be a nice time when baby boy comes for just the two of you, without Harlow feeling left out.
Have you ever tried the Chalk Pens? I haven’t used them, but know people who have and had great success. It seems like something you would be good at :)
Also, I suggest you do a post on interfacing. I want to use it for some project, but I’m to scared and intimidated by what I need and how to use it. There are just too many options!
Have a great day!!


alanna August 29, 2014 at 9:35 am

I would have NEVER noticed any issues with the front of your house if you hadn’t said anything. We had a drunk driver drive through our yard, take out our mailbox and the neighbors mailbox, the crash into the power pole and RUN AWAY from his car. The police were searching the woods behind the house and everything. By the time they found him, they could t charge him with drunk driving because it had been too long since the accident occurred. Grrr. We live in the middle of no where so this was HUGE excitement in the neighborhood. No one was seriously hurt, thankfully, but we’re still dealing with it (and it happened at the beginning of May). Also, I was thinking about how perfect your handwriting in chalk was until I saw your note. Again, never would have noticed!


Mema September 1, 2014 at 9:11 pm

Just looked at all these pictures. (Am behind in checking email!) I love all these pictures, and your note to Harlow at the end. I’m so glad she was looking forward to it.


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