I debated holding off on this post given that well, tomorrow is Thanksgiving.  But the truth is you can make these while the potatoes are boiling and the turkey is in the oven! We are hosting Andy’s family for the weekend, and even though we are eating on card tables, I wanted to make the […]


If you’re guessing we came for the snow, you are 100% wrong.  Although if you ask Harlow, she may very well say she came for the snow.  I’m usually asked no less than 5 times a week, “when is it going to snow mama?  Like my Mr. Al says Boston does?”  We used to watch […]


fall leaf coasters //

by kacia on 16 Nov ’15 · 0 comments

Happy Monday!  I woke up early this morning, so I could enjoy a cup of coffee and my Bible study in front of the fireplace.  I’m not a huge fan of the cold, but bundling up by the fireplace is something I will be doing a lot of this winter! I shared these Memory Coasters I […]


on sea legs, routine & schtuff.

by kacia on 12 Nov ’15 · 3 comments

I’ve been on one cruise.  I think I was about 13?  I remember getting used to the sway of the boat as we left the dock.  It only took a few hours and my sea legs were found.  Well, until the massive storm hit and I was so sick…. but that’s another story for another […]


You probably know by now how much I love taking Harlow’s artwork and using it to create something new.  If I kept every paper and card and creation, I would already have 10 file boxes filled — and that just can’t happen.  But finding a way to capture her current trends and special drawings and […]