I struggle throwing things away, because I love imagining what new life I can give old items.  ….marry a fellow artist who also struggles with that, and you get scheduled purging sessions, so the things don’t pile up! But this project is all my sister’s idea!  She loves her ScanNCut just as much as I […]


I’m super excited about this project today!  If I’m honest with you, after doing this project, I want to embroider just about everything Harlow writes or draws!  I love how it captures a moment in time: there will be a time when she writes all of her letters the same size, and I’ll miss this […]

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You guessed it: I’m really excited to share today’s project with you!  Harlow and I had a blast making this produce bag together to use for the Farmers’ Market.  We totally lucked out and there is a market held every Monday just 2 blocks from our apartment!  They have awesome produce, prepared food, music and […]

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how to make a picture puzzle

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A month or so ago, my friend Audra texted me a photo of the most precious gift she had received for her son, Hugo.  Her friend, Jessica modified a puzzle in the cutest way with photos of Audra’s family!  Immediately, I thought: SCANNCUT! (duh.) and since we were heading to Minnesota to see my sweet nieces, Harlow […]


quilted magnetic tic-tac-toe board

by kacia on 23 Jun ’15 · 1 comment

  Welp! I was supposed to be working on some new projects with the ScanNCut Machine with a few of my favorites at Brother, but weather, flights cancellations and delays had other plans.  Domino effect is real.  Boo.   So instead, I’ll share my new favorite with you all: this magnetic quilted tic-tac-toe board!  I know, […]

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