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I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a huge fan of packing.  Well, packing or unpacking.   Is anyone a fan of unpacking?  I would pay someone to unpack from vacation before I would ever pay someone to clean my house.  Is that weird?  Oh well.  So packing.  I try to make it fun.  I make duffle bags, […]


Quilt Binding // Part 1

by kacia on 9 Jul ’14 · 3 comments

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Okay! I’ve been meaning to get this tutorial up for weeks — thank you for being patient with me! Binding a quilt is one of my favorite steps of the quilt-making process.  I’m sure the fact that I get to throw it in the wash and let it get all crinkly and awesome soon after plays […]


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Ah!  I keep telling you that “this project is my favorite” …but then I change my mind.  I guess I’m a fair-weather tutorial fan, but I won’t say sorry.   I’m really excited to share this Etched Leather Pocket Wallet with you guys today! (Okay, who am I kidding…I’m always really excited to share tutorials with […]


how to make a baby onesie quilt

by kacia on 18 Jun ’14 · 21 comments

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Back in March, I received an email from Heather asking if I would be interested in taking on a commissioned quilt for her son.  Heather received my information from a girl I went to college with, who now works at Heather’s company.  I seriously love how small the world can be.   Speaking of small, […]


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  Little bonus tutorial for y’all today, because Harlow and I had a fun crafting morning! Okay. So Andy, Babu, and PopPop: stop reading.   The rest of you, if you’re a chronic “never have the cards in the mail or gift ideas prepared” person like me, then this little craft is perfect for you! […]