dad’s famous granola

by kacia on 31 Mar ’14 · 2 comments

When I think of homemade granola, I think of my daddy.  It is only on the rarest of occasions that he can be found eating something other than granola for breakfast. It is a passenger on road trips. It takes many a plane ride. You get the idea — where my dad goes, a bag of […]


green smoothies & a giveaway!

by kacia on 13 Aug ’13 · 53 comments

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I told a friend the other day that one of the unexpected perks of our stroller is that it has become such a conversation piece.  I’ve met some of my dearest friends because of that crazy, bright red thing! I love unexpected conversations with unexpected people.  I knew that the Mason Bar Company created the […]


Spicy Mandarin Orange Muffins

by kacia on 8 Mar ’13 · 6 comments

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These muffins are one of my absolute favorites — my mom used to make them for us growing up, and I would sample as many oranges out of the can as she could spare. I also made the batter before realizing I hadn’t replaced my ruined muffin tins….so mini loaves of bread was the result. […]


versatility bringing simplicity

by kacia on 23 Feb ’13 · 10 comments

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I struggle with meal planning. That is a fact. I’m working on it–I really am–but I’m also really grateful to have some amazing foodie friends on speed dial.  Poor Jenna and Sarah receive texts such as… I have some avocados, and I’m craving Israeli couscous.  What do I do? or I thawed some tilapia, but […]


simple crab bisque

by kacia on 8 Jan ’13 · 22 comments

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 I married a Maryland man. When I was first moving to Pittsburgh–which is a story for its own time–my mom gave me one rule: “You can’t marry anyone from Pittsburgh.” It wasn’t anything about the city or the people–just the distance.  Wisconsin and Pittsburgh aren’t exactly next door neighbors. But we sure are thankful for […]