by kacia on 19 Feb ’13 · 8 comments

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 see what happened!!


are you in?

by kacia on 15 Feb ’13 · 20 comments

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  A few days ago, I received an email mentioning three names and a telling story.  One of the names was one I’ve come to know and love.  A girl I’ve been praying for over the past two weeks.  Two of the names I couldn’t pronounce, but that doesn’t really matter. And as I read […]


let go.

by kacia on 22 Jan ’13 · 22 comments

Sometimes I can be graceful,  but I wouldn’t define myself as such. I tend to be a bit of a bulldozer sometimes, my husband has far better manners than I. …… Sometimes I have confidence in a task. I know I can accomplish it–I know I can do it well. On the flip side, there […]


…that His timing is perfect. When Andy and I really sat down + started discussing the steps towards adopting, I felt overwhelmed.  I felt rushed.  I felt behind.  I felt like there were roadblocks in every direction.  Or even? closed doors. I realized that I was forcing my own timetable.  I wanted things my way. […]


from www dot something this week

by kacia on 2 Jun ’12 · 2 comments

I wish I had time to read more: novels, books, blogs, etc. Sadly, I don’t. From what I am able to read each week though, there is at least one thing I read that makes. me. stop. At least one thing that makes me feel as if someone had hacked my brain to write it. […]