Harlow London

she’s four.

by kacia on 28 May ’15 · 6 comments

  Today my baby girl is four.  1:04 am, to be exact.   I’m not one to get super sappy on birthdays — I almost try to make myself more emotional about it, but that’s just not me.  But this year – goodness, I made it that far without crying — this year four is […]


laughter || Sling Diaries: entry one

by kacia on 13 May ’15 · 7 comments

I often think of laughter as a distant memory or an old friend.  I look back on it fondly, missing its authentic sound and voice.  I never forget, but as time goes on, the small details lose clarity.  What exactly did her voice sound like? That door was what shade of blue? And time continues. Moments and faces fill […]


Well this project might be my new favorite.  I know.  I know. I always have a new favorite…but that’s probably a good problem, right?  I love pushing myself creatively, but I also love making something we would maybe otherwise buy.  A mobile, coat hooks, snack bags, and now fleece socks for Harlow’s rainboots! If you know anything […]


joy, nicknames, & cowgirl boots

by kacia on 29 Apr ’15 · 2 comments

One thing that terrifies me most about being Harlow’s mommy is making sure I cultivate and encourage her contagiously joyful spirit.  Don’t get me wrong, girl can throw one heck of a tantrum….and she may or may not practice crying in the mirror….but she brings a smile to most everyone with her joy.  Add in her […]


  It finally feels like SPRING!  Well, as long as the sun isn’t behind a cloud and you don’t get caught in a gust of wind — then it still feels like winter coat weather — but for the most part, I’m confident spring has arrived.  Even here in Boston land.  Yup, we are here! […]