Harlow London

  It finally feels like SPRING!  Well, as long as the sun isn’t behind a cloud and you don’t get caught in a gust of wind — then it still feels like winter coat weather — but for the most part, I’m confident spring has arrived.  Even here in Boston land.  Yup, we are here! […]


Do you remember “Children’s Day”?  The holiday.  The one that kids made up —  I think — because they thought they could trick parents into giving them more gifts.  Children’s Day.  Geniuses.  Maybe it’s actually a real thing?  It definitely wasn’t something we celebrated growing up, but there was one Children’s Day when we did.  My […]


his best smiles

by kacia on 23 Jan ’15 · 8 comments

I’ll give you one chance to guess who is making him smile.  The love that Harlow has for her little brother is incredible — when he fusses, she runs to his side saying, “it’s okay Jonesy…I’m right here.  It’s okay. It’s okay! I’m right here!” And there is no one who can make him smile […]


It just so happened that Harlow began a mild obsession with the Berenstain Bear series when these adorable shirts from Loved by Hannah and Eli arrived!  Harlow takes her role as big sister very seriously, and I love that she calls this shirt her, “I’m a big sister bear!” shirt.   Loved By Hannah And Eli was a dream, inspired […]


our days with Tripp Trapp //

by kacia on 14 Jan ’15 · 2 comments

It’s pretty known knowledge that I absolutely adore our Tripp Trapp.  We use it multiple times a day, and it’s kind of become part of the family. ;) I kid.  We’re not that crazy.   I thought it would be fun to capture some of these moments….so consider this the first installment of our days with Tripp Trapp.  […]