Harlow London

 33/52  A portrait of Harlow London each week of 2014. It has been so fun seeing Harlow’s imagination spring to life.  I’m not super great at pretend-play, so we spend a lot of time doing playdough and coloring, and then while I clean or knit or sew, she will sit for quite a while playing […]



by kacia on 18 Aug ’14 · 3 comments

It’s Monday.  Not sure about where you are, but the sun isn’t shining here.   We worked on projects around the house until way too late last night.   Harlow cried that Andy had to go to work today — I almost burst into tears too.  It’s true.   But today is another day to […]


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32/52    A portrait of Harlow London each week of 2014. (wondering where her belt is from?  giveaway coming soon!) I love mornings when we get to take Andy to work.  Traffic is usually awful, and I look terrible, but it means we get a few more minutes with him before he goes to “wert.” […]


a Stokke Summer

by kacia on 13 Aug ’14 · 5 comments

As city-dwellers, I often tell people that our stroller is our second car.  And that statement couldn’t be more true.  We are a one car, one vespa, one puppy and a stroller family.   I’ve joked that our Stokke is made of unicorn hair because it’s one of Harlow’s favorite places to be.  Sure, she […]


just lately.

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Back in Pittsburgh after 2 weeks away.  So good to be home, even though I cried like a baby hugging my parents and saying goodbye.  Please tell me I’m not the only one who seems to cry harder saying goodbye to them as I get older?  Goodness, Kac.  Pull it together.  Time in Wisconsin. Time in Minnesota. […]