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pipsticks. simple and awesome

by kacia on 18 Dec ’14 · 1 comment

If you couldn’t tell by Harlow’s boring and unemotional facial expressions, she was pretttty excited about the rainy morning we took out our Pipsticks envelopes!  We spent the entire morning creating little works of art to hang on the refrigerator and send to family in the mail.     Our Pipsticks mail came chalk full […]

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This weekend was crazy full of Christmas awesome.  We entered the world of fakery when we decided on a rainy Saturday.  We budgeted for the tree we thought we were going to get, found one we liked better in person for about half the cost….got the last one, which was a floor model, so we […]


Oranges. Harlow is the best nickname giver ever.  Even though we don’t call Jonesy Oranges on the regular much anymore, he’ll still always be our little Oranges.   And yes, I’m hoping his hair is strawberry blonde or red like Harlow’s too!  Harlow also told me that he’d be born with sprinkles on his cheeks, so we […]


banner made by Jacquie //  I have been so excited to share these photos with you — Rachel came over a few days after Jones was born to capture these moments.  I just keep staring at them. …especially now that my scrawny little baby just weighed in at 12 el-bees at his 6 week appointment.  Yup. […]


the Doc and the cute baby

by kacia on 4 Nov ’14 · 1 comment

This year we went all out for halloween.   And by all out I mean not at all.  In the years past, I’ve had so much fun making costumes for Harlow.  She was a lamb at 5 months.  She was a bear at a year and a half.  And last year, she was the cutest […]

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