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he’s here!

by kacia on 22 Sep ’14 · 14 comments

Jones Lauritzen   I will definitely be writing out his birth story — I’m so thankful that I wrote out Harlow’s before the details weren’t clear in my mind anymore.   In a nutshell, it was intense and fast and painful and perfect and amazing.  Every detail fell into place — including Harlow’s absolute joy […]


ONE Little BELT // Giveaway!!

by kacia on 18 Sep ’14 · 41 comments

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Harlow is not one to passively sit by and let me pick out her clothes for her.  Nope.  Girl is like her mama and said girl has an opinion about her clothes for the day!  On this particular day, she insisted upon her belt, this sleeveless dress, and her cowl — not a jacket — […]


36/52 A portrait of Harlow London each week of 2014. Things have been a little quiet over here and on social media a bit — we are staying super busy, my computer just hasn’t really been high on my list.  Our days are filled with excuses for daily dates with my Harlow girl, bike rides […]


I just adore this dress from Motherhood Maternity — I know it’ll be a dress I can wear after I’m pregnant as well.  It’s not clingy, and I think it would be flattering on so many! oh, you didn’t think I would find an excuse to share more of Rachel’s gorgeous photos?  C’mon.  You know me […]


I don’t remember too many children’s book authors from when I was a kid, but Eric Carle is one I could tell you without skipping a beat.  I love that his books are timeless and such classics — Harlow loves them just as much as I did growing up!  Perhaps more! Harlow’s favorite book to […]