showers, sugar, surprise & silliness

by kacia on 25 Aug ’14 · 2 comments

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SHOWERS This past weekend, we spent about 24 hours in Maryland to pamper and love on Andy’s sister, Karen, her husband, Brian, and their baby boy, Theodore.  Super fun and crazy: Karen is due roughly 10 days before I am!  It’s so weird to think about the fact that these boys could be born the […]


baby boy bump-date

by kacia on 22 Aug ’14 · 18 comments

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Yesterday marked 35 weeks. You can read my first bump-date here and my second bump-date here!    This pregnancy has flown by, but these last days have really been crawling.  No complaints, just wishing my body would sleep when the moon is out instead of just wanting to nap all day! I think at this time […]


my maternity must haves

by kacia on 19 Aug ’14 · 16 comments

okay.   This list is completely meant to be kind of serious and kind of fun.  But hopefully you realize that I try to keep everything a bit light hearted — we are all so so so different.  What is on your must-list might be something I’d never even consider buying, and vise versa. Like a body […]


a Stokke Summer

by kacia on 13 Aug ’14 · 5 comments

As city-dwellers, I often tell people that our stroller is our second car.  And that statement couldn’t be more true.  We are a one car, one vespa, one puppy and a stroller family.   I’ve joked that our Stokke is made of unicorn hair because it’s one of Harlow’s favorite places to be.  Sure, she […]


just lately.

by kacia on 12 Aug ’14 · 0 comments

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Back in Pittsburgh after 2 weeks away.  So good to be home, even though I cried like a baby hugging my parents and saying goodbye.  Please tell me I’m not the only one who seems to cry harder saying goodbye to them as I get older?  Goodness, Kac.  Pull it together.  Time in Wisconsin. Time in Minnesota. […]