by kacia on 3 Mar ’15 · 4 comments

Unexpected blogging breaks are welcomed….and well, unexpected.  Ha.  Thank you, Captain Obvious Kacia.  It means my time is spent doing a million other things, but it also means I get behind on posts I had planned.  It’s like anything that causes you to get behind, I guess.  Definitely nothing new.  ….so you can just ignore […]


After celebrating as a little family here in Pittsburgh, we loaded up the car and made a 2-day trek out to Wisconsin for our second Christmas celebration (our third and final celebration is this coming weekend!).  We did a lot of relaxing and cooki-ing.  <– that’s the verb for eating a lot of cookies, if […]


to the new year!

by kacia on 31 Dec ’14 · 3 comments

Can’t believe this year is coming to an end — so thankful for so much this past year.  Excited for new adventures and new memories to be had and made in this new year!   xo


Living far from my family is definitely difficult.  I would give anything to swing over to my parents’ house when Andy works late or see them at church on a Sunday, but it makes me all the more thankful for the time we get to spend with them.  So many of my memories of my […]


pipsticks. simple and awesome

by kacia on 18 Dec ’14 · 1 comment

If you couldn’t tell by Harlow’s boring and unemotional facial expressions, she was pretttty excited about the rainy morning we took out our Pipsticks envelopes!  We spent the entire morning creating little works of art to hang on the refrigerator and send to family in the mail.     Our Pipsticks mail came chalk full […]

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