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by kacia on 18 Dec ’15 · 0 comments

Taking time to slow down is not one of my strengths.  I remember chatting over dinner with some good friends of ours back in Pittsburgh when I mentioned a change and followed it with, “oh, I’ll find something to fill up my time, I’m sure!”  He replied with, “why? Why do you need to fill […]



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Give thanks in all circumstances. I Thessalonians 5:18a Praying you have a wonderful day with family, focusing on blessings more than the material and edible, but the immense blessings we cannot see as well.  Photo by the beautiful Rachel Rowland.   


If you’re guessing we came for the snow, you are 100% wrong.  Although if you ask Harlow, she may very well say she came for the snow.  I’m usually asked no less than 5 times a week, “when is it going to snow mama?  Like my Mr. Al says Boston does?”  We used to watch […]


Discover Crocs

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This sponsored post is part of the #DiscoverCrocs campaign.  All opinions are my own.  Happy Tuesday!  The sun is lighting up our kitchen and living room: I love how the light fills our home in the morning.  I’ve mentioned it a little just how grateful we are to finally have a backyard!  The kids come […]


on sea legs, routine & schtuff.

by kacia on 12 Nov ’15 · 3 comments

I’ve been on one cruise.  I think I was about 13?  I remember getting used to the sway of the boat as we left the dock.  It only took a few hours and my sea legs were found.  Well, until the massive storm hit and I was so sick…. but that’s another story for another […]