The ScanNCut2 is going to be on HSN today!  Super excited to share more of the new features of the ScanNCut2 with you–working on tutorials as I write this!–but today is a great day to get it at a good price.  My friend Julie is going to be sharing the new machine and features today on […]


sling diaries // ambition

by kacia on 2 Sep ’15 · 1 comment

  am•bi•tion /am’biSH(e)n/ noun a strong desire to do or to achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work • desire and determination to achieve success   I love definitions.  I love that even though the explanation written below a single word can remain the same, the definition can take on new meaning given one’s […]

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Growing up, one of my favorite things to do was work in my dad’s woodworking shop in our basement.  He had a little desk for my sisters and I, where he would keep a bucket of scrap wood.  We’d paint and glue whatever we could — he still has a little “SHOP” sign (complete with […]

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Sling Diaries // on laughter

by kacia on 13 May ’15 · 7 comments

I often think of laughter as a distant memory or an old friend.  I look back on it fondly, missing its authentic sound and voice.  I never forget, but as time goes on, the small details lose clarity.  What exactly did her voice sound like? That door was what shade of blue? And time continues. Moments and faces fill […]


Do you remember “Children’s Day”?  The holiday.  The one that kids made up —  I think — because they thought they could trick parents into giving them more gifts.  Children’s Day.  Geniuses.  Maybe it’s actually a real thing?  It definitely wasn’t something we celebrated growing up, but there was one Children’s Day when we did.  My […]