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…it was 75º yesterday!  Any day when the sun is shining and it above 60º is a win for me!  Harlow and I can’t get enough vitamin D, so we sneak in a walk to the playground – Harlow’s pwaygrwound, if you ask her – whenever we have a few extra minutes.  I know I say this […]


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13/52 Harlow joined some photoshoot fun while we had a jam-packed day of getting our things together to drive to Maryland for the weekend.  Well, Harlow gets to be spoiled by Mema and Poppop, while Andy and I scoot down to Florida for a quick few days.   I promise I will desperately try to […]


twelve of fifty-two || Harlow London

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12/52 We had such a great time at Be My Neighbor Day this past weekend!  We went to one of the local YMCAs after lunch to meet Daniel Tiger and participate in the activities they had prepared.  It was held in the gym, and they had various stations set up focusing on being neighborly!  We […]


did you know?

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“This bread/cake/cupcake/muffin/waffle is gluten free.” What is the first thing that pops into your mind?  Do you assume it tastes like cardboard? sand? I think for so many people the connection between gluten free and gross is strong — and it shouldn’t be.  I began eating gluten free around January 2013.  At first I was […]


build a quality collection!

by kacia on 21 Mar ’14

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I have always loved fashion.  Let’s just come right out and say it. I love seeing some trends flop and some trends stick.  I love seeing colors and fit come full circle after years of being quiet.  I especially love a good, timeless, classic. I’ve been known to hold on to a specific item of […]

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