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Happy Monday, y’all!  This giveaway was going to be up before the sun came up this am, but I spent all day yesterday with a terrible stomach bug. Not fun.  Thankfully now, I’m keeping ice chips down and laying in bed with my laptop.  Not exactly how I had planned to spend my Sunday! But […]


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I am ridiculously picky about the length of certain clothing items.  Shirts can’t be too long, but they need to hit at a just-above-hip length, depending on the style, of course. I think it’s probably safe to say we all have specific lengths and fits that make us say, “yes! This one is perfect.” When it comes […]


my latest keeps

by kacia on 17 Mar ’14 · 1 comment

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Goodness! It’s been a while since sharing some StitchFix keeps with you all!  Even though I’ve been a terrible StitchFix-sharer, it doesn’t mean I haven’t been loving them lately!  As the weather finally starts warming up – is it ever going to feel like spring!? – I probably be sharing a few more of them with you. […]

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Have you ever been around people who just radiate joy?  People who light up a room with their smile?  People that you’d like to carry around in your back pocket? I’ve met people like that throughout my life, but never have I met so many joy-filled people in one place. Friends, welcome to the Hizzy. […]


my latest Fix // what did I keep?

by kacia on 25 Nov ’13 · 36 comments

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Oh.  Monday. Last night, Andy was husband and daddy of the year when he pushed me out the door to see Catching Fire.  (I went ahead and linked that for you, just in case you’ve been hiding under a rock. :) I kid. I kid.   The movie was ah-mazing.  The temperature when I stepped out […]