internet & a fun announcement!

by kacia on 22 Oct ’15 · 0 comments

no. Not pregnant.  But we finally have internet at our house — and piles of empty (and half full) boxes everywhere!   But I had to pop in to tell you that Stitch Fix just birthed (see what I did there?) something AWESOME. Stitch Fix now has an APP!  As of today, you can download the […]


Growing up, one of my favorite things to do was work in my dad’s woodworking shop in our basement.  He had a little desk for my sisters and I, where he would keep a bucket of scrap wood.  We’d paint and glue whatever we could — he still has a little “SHOP” sign (complete with […]

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Sling Diaries // on transformation

by kacia on 12 Jun ’15 · 5 comments

trans·for·ma·tion noun   a thorough or dramatic change in one’s appearance, form, etc.   Most of us don’t go through life making drastic transformations overnight–growth is a process whether it is growing tall or wide.  Change is often subtle and slow: it goes unnoticed in the day-to-day even though it is constantly at work.  As our lives […]


Stitch Fix: maternity & petites!

by kacia on 11 Mar ’15 · 2 comments

You don’t have to be around long to know that I adore Stitch Fix.  Love’m. Like’m. Can’t get enough of’m. I’ve loved receiving Fixes post-baby, pre-baby, growing-baby and now post-baby again!  When I was pregnant with Jones, there weren’t maternity clothes available, but I still received some of my most favorite Fixes to date! But […]


my latest Fix!

by kacia on 12 Jan ’15 · 10 comments

It’s been a while since I shared a Fix with you!  I’ve really only kept a pair of jeans here or there, and mom jeans aren’t exactly the most exciting thing to share.  But when I opened this box?  I couldn’t wait to share it with you all!  I love that it’s a mix of […]