12 Days of ScanNCut2 | Day Ten: Fabric Detail

December 10, 2015

Over three years ago, when I received a prototype ScanNCut Machine, I never thought cutting something this intricate from fabric would ever be possible.  I had no idea that three years later, I would be cutting leather and wood veneer — and intricate snowflakes from fabric!   Part of the equation was simply learning how […]

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12 Days of ScanNCut2 | Day Nine: Color Recognition Scanning

December 9, 2015

I seriously cannot wait to get a ScanNCut2 into one of y’all’s hands! Today’s feature is RGB Color Recognition Scanning.  I know it’s a mouthful, and for many people it’s not super clear upon hearing those words.  The previous ScanNCut could scan color…couldn’t it? Well yes, it could.  But the ScanNCut2 is able to detect […]

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12 Days of ScanNCut2 | Day Eight: Felt (win a ScanNCut2!)

December 8, 2015

Happy Tuesday!  Are you sick of me yet?  Probably. ;) Today I’m back sharing about cutting felt with your ScanNCut or ScanNCut2! I have a lot of people asking about felt, whether I’m at conventions or replying to comments and emails.   When asked if the ScanNCut will cut felt?  My answer is always yes.  […]

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12 Days of ScanNCut2 | Day Seven: Let’s Stamp it All!

December 7, 2015

I hope you all had an awesome weekend!  I’m back today with Day Seven of our 12 Days of ScanNCut!  You better believe I’m not finished with the gold foil.  #sorrynotsorry But today I’ll be sharing the new Stamp Kit with you!   Each stamp kit comes with the stamp silicone material and the stamp […]

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12 Days of ScanNCut2 | Day Six: Let’s Draw with Glue

December 6, 2015

Happy Sunday!  The sun is shining beautifully this morning, and I’m about to walk to church with Jones.  I love being able to walk!   Yesterday was Day Five of our Twelve Days of ScanNCut2!  I shared with you the new Universal Pen Holder that is now available and compatible with all ScanNCut models!  Today, […]

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