itzy ritzy + Target // a giveaway!

August 14, 2015

I remember being asked a few times after I had Harlow, “is there anything you love that surprised you?”  My answer always was nursing.  It was a time that I was forced to slow down and sit.  I could read, but often times I would just stare at her, shocked that she was mine.   […]

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back to school kicks // Shoes that Fit

August 12, 2015

Y’all know we are huge fans of Rack Room Shoes over here.  I was so excited to finally step foot into a brick and mortar at a mall close by!  Ordering online is awesome, but sometimes perusing in person takes the cake.   We’ve decided to homeschool Harlow next year for preschool – cue panic […]

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Sling Diaries // on health

August 5, 2015

Writing about health has me with a bit of writer’s block.  Health: not exactly something I’m great about making a priority these days.   I’m usually grabbing a handful of chips and hummus for lunch – maybe followed by scraps leftover from Harlow and Jones.  My meals are forgotten.  Workouts are few and far between.  2 […]

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farmers’ market produce bags // tutorial

July 29, 2015

You guessed it: I’m really excited to share today’s project with you!  Harlow and I had a blast making this produce bag together to use for the Farmers’ Market.  We totally lucked out and there is a market held every Monday just 2 blocks from our apartment!  They have awesome produce, prepared food, music and […]

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weekly photo digest // 7 20 15

July 27, 2015

One thing I’ve really struggled with since our move is finding a new routine.  I’m not the most rigidly structured person, but I also know that I don’t thrive in wide open spaces of days.  I’m working hard to create routine and structure in our day-to-day — summer vacations are also so great at coming […]

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