shiny floors for days

March 4, 2015

When I posted this photo yesterday, I had a handful of people email and ask me about how I keep my floors so clean.  First, let me go on record by saying I don’t.  Well, definitely not as clean as I’d like to keep them!   I’ve tried a few different systems and products, but in […]

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March 3, 2015

Unexpected blogging breaks are welcomed….and well, unexpected.  Ha.  Thank you, Captain Obvious Kacia.  It means my time is spent doing a million other things, but it also means I get behind on posts I had planned.  It’s like anything that causes you to get behind, I guess.  Definitely nothing new.  ….so you can just ignore […]

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the perfect coat // Joules

February 24, 2015

Even though Pittsburgh has had a pretty cold winter, I hate bulky coats.  I need something to block the wind, so I love a coat with a bit of length.  When I’m lugging around a carseat (because COLD) and a 3 year old, bulky is annoying and I tend to overheat, even in the coldest […]

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February 19, 2015

they should really be in an ad for Target.   bedtime shenanigans sending daddy selfies during the day an obsession with all things princess has given me braiding practice.  This photo makes it look better than it actually was – I promise.   Jones tried avocado…. … um-er-maybe not.     both babes are napping! […]

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super awesome giveaway from White Plum

February 17, 2015

Who wants to win $1200 worth of free clothes from White Plum? Oh! You do?  Click the image above or this link here to enter! Good Luck!  (and stay warm — BRRRRR out there today!) xo

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