[In case you missed part one of Harlow’s first birthday mini-series <–so pathetic, Kacia!]

Well, we’re on to Part 2!  The actual chaos party. The weather was almost too perfect: 90+ degrees and humid.

That heat meant that we were all inside, instead of sitting out on the decks or on chairs in our yard.

Let the fun begin!

festivities, chaos + fun

the actual oh-the-excitement-and-food-and-spills-need-more-space-it-is-so-hot-and-this-is-so-fun time

We had such an amazing time with many of our close friends + family.  Andy’s parents + Aunt Jane came to celebrate! As did my mommy + little sister.  The extra help, but more so just the time with them was so special.

Harlow is so loved + received some amazingly thoughtful gifts.  I have a few more photos to share in one more post.  Just one.

I promise.

Pssst.  This Friday is the second Summer Friday!  Get your posts ready to link up!

Much love from the cheese state!  Harlow + I are sure missing her daddy this week, but are spoiled spending time with my family!


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