er…. maybe just Part 1 of Harlow London turns 1.

Yes.  It might take a few posts for all of the photos I’ve pulled from her first birthday bash.  It is her first birthday though + it only happens once.

I’ll go ahead + post my excessive amount of photos.

Then I’ll say I’m sorry at the very end.  I always get sayings mixed up…what is this one?

better to ask for forgiveness than permission?

Whatever.  It won’t be one I’ll be teaching my children.

My mommy + little-big sister came out on Friday evening.  Disclaimer: said birthday party would not have happened without them.  

pre party days, hours + minutes

fun + craziness prior to the real craziness.

[click the photos for caption + slideshow view]

I promise I won’t drag her party on forever, but I am a little sentimental.

I can’t believe I’m the mom of a toddler.  eeks!

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