We had an amazing + relaxing weekend at my in-law’s cabin this past weekend.  We spent the weekend with Grandma + Grandpa + Uncle Brian + Aunt Karen.

So. Needed. 

insta update | 07 June 12

After we arrived, my baby + I spent a while just swinging on the porch swinging.

Our view was pretty awesome.

Harlow had a blast exploring this new territory: last time we were there she was barely crawling.

We went for a lot of walks!

She had the best views.

After baby girl went to bed, it was vino + Cranium for the adults.

The following day the little nugget totally wiped out in my arms.  I can’t remember the last time she did this!

Eating some Pirate’s Bootie with Aunt Karen.

+ we’re home now.  Getting ready for another trip!  Missing Andy each day + wishing he was home with us!

Happy Thursday!

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