Hello lovlies! Today we leave the land of Packers + cheese for Steeler country + bad grammar.

Just kidding. Oh! Guess what I learned yesterday?

The whole “done vs. finished” debate? One that I love to correct people on? There’s really no rhyme or reason as to why. I will still to the day I die say that “pies are done. People finish.” But apparently I don’t have proof, reason, or facts.

Welp. Consider that your Friday Fact o’ the Day.

you’re welcome.

Yesterday… We drove to Iowa into the land of no cell phone service. We had to keep increasing RAM at SheReadsTruth.com because y’all bogged. it. down! [That is an amazing problem! + thankfully Kelly rocks my face off + always got us back up + running as quickly as she could!] We played Pinochle last night until almost 11pm. We’re such old folks…getting tired so early.

Oh! Interruption! SOS: Is there anyone in Pittsburgh that knows how to play Pinochle? If so. We may have you over every week, so we can keep up our card playing skills.

Rambling aside, our fun here in Wisconsin has come to an end, + yes. I’ll be posting about all the fun that was had.

As much as I don’t want to leave my parents, I am so excited for a few more days of rest with my sweet little family.

Now for photos! Remember there are few rules when it comes to Summer Friday link up! Just share your summer! Photos. Photos. Many click-clack-kodaks. Not so many verbs + words. PS: I had a tour guide in France my junior year of high school that used to say “time to get off the bus for a click-clack-kodak!” ::end of story::

Now I will shake your shoulders to wake you up from that boring, pointless story.

This week’s Summer Friday is brought to you by Klo Stua Ranch. Yes. My grandpa is awesome.

Borrowing from his hat collection.

She loves Baby Cousin Terran. :o]

Can’t wait to see what summer is bringing you! Don’t forget to link up!



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