Well! uhhh I can’t believe it’s already Friday.

A week ago, we were flying home from Wisconsin.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself.


*whispers* I hate unpacking.  Hate. Like I-will-live-out-of-a-suitcase-until-it-is-empty hate.

Whew.  Cat’s out of the bag.  [Also?  Anyone know what that phrase means? I sure don’t.  I don’t like cats, but I’m also not sure why one would be in a bag?]

I tell you this fact, because I think my body was preparing for what was to come, when we returned home on Friday.

I unpacked all the things.  I washed dirty clothes.  I cleaned + vacuumed + dusted!  

Well, until that night.

I couldn’t sleep.  I woke up vomiting + spent the next 3 days in bed with another kidney infection.  Thankfully I have an ah-mazing husband who held down the fort, spoiled our baby girl + hit up Costco.  [He assured me that Harlow got to try all the healthy samples.]

That being said, this week consisted of laying in bed + trying to get my energy back!  Well, and it’s also been hot. hot. hot.

But ready?  I’ve already reached my quota of words for a Summer Friday post, so here are pictures!   Link up!

I whipped up a pair of boots for an amazing charity event that Natalie held for Sole Hope.  Head over for the raffle she’s holding on her blog for more goodies!

Yummy blueberry dessert!

Playing in the pool with daddy!

Okay.  I stole the following photos from my dear friend, Kyndal.  She watched our sweet baby girl while Andy + I went out to celebrate 3 years of wedded bliss.  Um….. get ready to pick yourself up off the floor from the cute that is to follow.

Do you see those smooches!? I’m not sure we’ll be allowing anymore playdates or sleepovers for these two!


What have you been up to?? Can’t wait to see!




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