Hi y’all!

No.  It’s not a new weekly post with a title full of alliteration.  Yes.  I really do have three things to say + well? it happened to be Thursday!

+ yes, I know: for two days in a row I’m directing you to other websites!  I promise it’s not a new normal.  I promise you won’t be disappointed.  I also promise that I am loving spending time with my parents, my husband + my baby girl.

I am, however, excited for life back in Pittsburgh.  Home is definitely where my heart is: I always leave a little bit in Pittsburgh when I leave + a little bit in Wisconsin, too.

la sigh.

Ready for my list?

1.  We are launching a New Plan in the She Reads Truth community!  Have you been putting off joining in because you were afraid it was too late?  Too behind?  Well the first answer to that is that it’s never too late to join!  But now is a perfect time to join in!  Head on over to SheReadsTruth.com for more details!

2.  Tomorrow is our third Summer Friday link up!  Get your photos ready for your picture-laden post: we want to see the joy summer brings!  I have loved reading all the posts linked up last week, but I’ll admit I’m behind on commenting!  [Anyone else find it really difficult to leave comments from your iPhone?  Just me?  Okay.  I clearly need to work on that. ;o]

3.  In case you missed it, yesterday I had the honor of posting over at Sluiter Nation as a Recruit.  Read more here. 


Anyone need a place to write out three things?  Go ahead. Write them in the comments below if you can’t find your pen.


Happy Thursday!



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