see also: Kacia just blogged 2 days in a row.  Looks like someone is getting her groove back.  er, or something …

Wouldn’t it be great if those “Senior Bests” awarded in high school were one-hundred percent true?  And then?  They stayed true. 

So if you were awarded “Best Car,” no matter what: you’d have the best car for the rest of your lifesies.  [Yup.  Just wrote that. It’s my blog, and I can say what I please.]

Or sadly, if you received “Worst Driver/Pedestrians Worst Nightmare,” there would be no hope for you in the driving department.

Well, I clearly had my priorities straight when I had to choose [please hear me out: I’m not bragging, these are laughable] between “Best Dressed” + “Most Likely to Succeed.”


If the start of this post was more than wishful thinking, I would have definitely [well, if I had any brains] chosen “Most Likely to Succeed.”  It would guarantee a life full of success.  Right?

But I saw the lifelong impact this other award would bring me.  I could envision jobs, movie roles, and fancy cars because of this award written on my resume.  Life is all about high school, right??

Yes. I chose “Best Dressed.”

[And I’m totally irked:  I can’t find my high school yearbook anywhere!  So if someone reading has it, feel free to embarrass me with my “Best Dressed” photo!]

Shall we fast forward? College-sweatpants-corporate-job-business-suits-shopping-pregnancy-pounds-maternity-stretch pants-leggings-black-sleep[what is that?]less nights-ponytails-no make up-not-best-dressed-life.

Yup.  that’s me in a nutshell.

I knew I had a problem when my husband asked me not to buy anymore cardigans, even if they were from J.Crew.

Then? I took a look at my closet, and realized I had every color V-neck t-shirt you could dream of.

I mean, I love a timeless wardrobe…but really, Kacia. reeeally?

Don’t judge.
I know half of those shirts are hanging inside-out, but at least they’re hanging up!


So, in the spirit of trying to dress-to-impress for my good lookin’ husband, I’ve scheduled a Stitchfix.

I first heard about Stitchfix when my dear, long-lost twin, Raechel told me about it.  + I was totally hesitant at first, but then I looked at my t-shirts … and my cardigans… and my scarves.  Oh y’all.  I didn’t mention the scarves.  The collection.

I need help. 

Stitchfix is pretty simple.  Ready, go:

  1. Fill out questionnaire so Stitchfix can learn about your personal style.
  2. Schedule your fix to arrive.
  3. Try on all the things + decide what to keep!

Stitchfix has even more amazingness + awesomesauce-ness [yes, I just wrote that too] up their sleeves + I’ll tell you about that later this week, when I share what comes in my first fix! {Because I’m still learning too!}

But I will tell you, one of the best parts?  As long as one item is purchased from your fix, the $20 fixin’-fee goes toward that garment.


You just found yourself a free, personal stylist: who listens!


[This post is not sponsored by Stitchfix  I’m just truly excited to feel cute + stylish again.  And I’ll probably go on some sewing spree to use up those wretched shirts hanging in my closet!  Get ready for more tutorials toots!!]



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