Sometimes I think about what people will say about me when I die.

Is that totally morbid + bothersome?

I like to think of it as challenging + proactive. [I also tend to see the glass half full, even when it’s an empty glass.]

As I mentioned on Friday, my little family [with a few extended family] is at one of my favorite places on this earth.

It’s a place that I’ve come almost every summer for about 23 years.

It’s changed locations, but it’s the same place at the heart.

It’s a purpose-filled vacation: changing lives + families.

See, I sort of have this problem….

when I love something, I mean, truly, truly love something: I want everyone else to love it too. [That trait is one that could inspire many posts on this blog.]

For example, the neighborhood in which we currently live is my favorite. Andy has determined that my goal in life is to get everyone I love in that neighborhood, and well, I’m not doing too bad! I guess I can be quite convincing if I want to be!

Y’all? I want you here at Northern Pines. It is a vacation with a purpose. Sound cheesy? It’s not. <;– go grab a cup of coffee + watch that video!

I’d love to dive into the structure of how this family camp is run, and someday, I will, but my daughter only naps for so long – and y’all? We’ve got some swimming to do!

But I will tell you this: every evening, a babysitter assigned to your family, watches your kids all evening.

Yes. Okay. I know that’s not the most important thing? But ummm, that’s pretty important.

I’m really rambling today, wow. My brain is already in vacation mode.

Let me bring this full circle.

1. Starting tomorrow, I will be writing 1-2 sentences from each message. There is so much to learn during the week, and sometimes I leave feeling almost overwhelmed with application. So I want to grab a challenge from each message, and document it.

2. Back to my initial question. How do I want to be remembered? How do I want my children, my husband + family to remember me?

I want to be a woman of purpose.

I desire to take aim before shooting.

I want to think before I do.

Not too much that I stop doing, but a little thinking is good.

I want to have goals + dreams.

I want to have purpose.


Y’all, the first 3 sessions have already been amazing, and I can’t wait to share a few snip-its with y’all, so that you can experience some of that life change too!

from my cheese state + the land of the Pack,





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