I can’t believe it’s already Thursday.

That is usually how vacation goes, right? First couple of days go by, and the end is a long way off.  Before you know it, you’re past the half way point, and the rest goes far too quickly.

For the adults here at Northern Pines, we have three speakers.  Each speaker talks at 4 sessions throughout the week.  As I mentioned on Monday, I could write a novel about why y’all should be here at Northern Pines.  + give it time? And I certainly will do that.  I truly love this place, and in a dream world?  Northern Pines would be 365 days a year.

While I’m reminded that it is not reality, I also want to challenge myself + y’all that the purpose + focus + introspection that occurs during this week can happen 365 days a year. 

This morning Dean Jaderston challenged us to believe that change can happen.   [Yes, I’m going out of order, I’ll hit everything at one point, but remember, this is my journal :o]

Sometimes Way too often? I’m so busy worrying about the ways that my husband can improve, I miss all that he is doing.

am I alone?

When it comes to my own life, I focus on how many marks I’ve missed, how many goals I’ve fallen short of – instead of remembering the grace + forgiveness poured on me daily.

deep breath.

I can’t wait to share more with y’all, and in all my excitement because Harlow is taking her first afternoon nap since we’ve been here [so thankful for a 7 adults to 1 child ratio!], I forgot to grab my notes on my way down to wifi range.  Oh well!  Just means I’ll be posting again soon. [And I’ll be sharing who spoke + my change-phrases from each!]

But there are a few things I still want to share: remember these are small phrases that I want to take home with me, with my family – focusing on the change that has occurred and is still occurring.

I’m an ongoing work in progress. 

The word desperate sort of scares me.  Yeah.  I would have never wanted that word to be used in any sort of way to define me, but I’ve learned this week that being desperate can be a good thing.  A desperation for Him keeps us in a posture of humility + desire to learn.

 I want to be there. 

+ it’s a fine line, right?  I know for me, it can begin to border on self deprecation + not believing that God can use me in big ways, because I’m focusing on all I’m messing up on.  But I believe when we are truly desperate for Him, there is a shift that occurs.  A shift that brings us from a confidence of self to a confidence in Him.    A confidence that isn’t dependent upon what our culture deems as successful or failure, but rather a confidence that He is faithful, consistent + good, especially when we are not.

+ then there is that phrase: His will.  It’s tricky.  It’s confusing.  Amazing how others will be clearly told God’s will for your life, when it’s most murky for you.  [A bit of sarcasm in that phrase, even though I know God can work through others in revealing His will!]

The above photo is a phrase that captures something I’ve easily said for years, but struggled putting it into practice for my own life.

The better you know the Word of God, the less confusing His will is. 

We want the 5 steps.

We want the fortune cookie with the answer.

We want the genie in our back pocket.

We want the magic eight ball.

Anything to make those first steps out on the water easier to handle.  We want assurance that no failure will take place.  We want affirmation from humanity that our decision is one that makes sense.

back up. 

Remember? We are inconsistent.  He is not.  + when we seek His will, we have all the tools we need.  There aren’t five steps, but there is a book that has the answers.

I can’t wait to share with you all even more that we’re bringing home with us from Northern Pines, as we focus on the change that has happened this week.  + yes, I will also be home with a 14 month old princess who has been doted on by both sets of grandparents + an Aunt for the week.  She is in for a rude awakening when she’s stuck with boring mommy again!

But in the meantime, things like this happen.

Yes.  She takes her new robe + matching one for her dolly very seriously.

Clearly we? Do not.

Happy Thursday!

Are you desperate for Him?  Are you seeking out what has changed in your life, instead of dwelling on what things still need to change?




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