Why does summer go so quickly?  I thought for sure I would only feel that way when my kids were school age, and we were cramming everything into those few, short summer weeks.

But alas.  It goes quickly regardless.  So we’re working hard to enjoy these last few weeks!  + Y’all?  Harlow is seriously one of the funniest people I know.

+ she doesn’t even say much yet.  Just you wait until she does.

This week of Summer is sponsored by “oosh,” dolly, climbing, + piano.

But first, I’d like someone to please tell me where my baby went.

One day this week, we had a bit of a nap battle.  Usually she loves her naps, but today?  not-so-much.  As I was pulling something together in the kitchen, I looked over to find Harlow, surrounded by some of her dolls + pouting.
No joke.

Harlow loves her shoes [“oosh”] + will spend quite a bit of time organizing them, trying to put them on, and placing them all over the house.

+ sometimes dolly joins the shoe fun.

Harlow’s newest trick is pulling out the dining room chairs + climbing on them.
She’s a bit stubborn.  + this mama is trying to stay calm [and not laugh] when she completely puts on the charm when she knows she’s doing something she is not supposed to be doing…
oy vey!

And lastly, Harlow has been tickling the ivories quite a bit these days – and has also put her climbing skills to use.  Be sure to watch to the end – So You Think You Can Dance better watch out!

Happy Friday y’all!!  What have you been up to?  + What are you cramming into these last few weeks of summer??

Did you see the yummy Roasted Eggplant + Portobello Mushroom dip recipe I posted yesterday? YUM.


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