or is it week 10?  Sorry for totally bailing on last week’s post, y’all!  I really tried – I have a draft still on my phone that I typed up while my phone was searching for service.  I love that I can count on Northern Pines for draining my battery record fast: it’s either with No Service or Searching … for 90% of the week.

So when my photos failed to upload time + time again?  I decided it was clear that vacation came first + Summer Friday could wait :o]  So please link with your last week’s post as well as this week!  I want to read them + see pictures!

This week, there will be a theme for Summer Friday.  And it is brought to you by Harlow’s Aunt Kaiti.

Kaitlyn had hinted at a project she was working on for Harlow, but I had no idea what it could be.  I was just told to be sure Harlow brought her doll: that wasn’t hard, she’s obsessed with them. 

Well, I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

I threw this photo up on instagram without truly realizing how awesome it is.  Y’all get to see Harlow’s funny personality in so many ways.
But well, this photo doesn’t really show what her Aunt made for her.

You ready?

Yes.  Matching robes for Harlow + her dolly.

Don’t forget the sunglasses.  It’s bright heading down to the lake!

Oh y’all.  She keeps me in stitches.

+speaking of stitches.

I’m still totally in love with my clothes from StitchFix.  In fact … I’ve scheduled my second fix, and I can’t wait to share it with y’all when it arrives!

Oy! [I promise I don’t wear this shirt every day!]


I’m working hard on getting orders out the door, planning for She Reads Truth journal production + reorganizing the gallery, so it’s easier to order.

Thank you all for being so patient with me.  This is a perfect example of my right + left brain warring with each other.  UGH.

But that will mean it’ll be easier to order things like our mini tags! They are perfect for backpacks, lunchbags + well, anything.

How are you spending these last weeks of summer?


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