So, as I mentioned before, I was ready to schedule my second fix while I was trying on clothes from my first.

[Not sure what StitchFix is??? Click here to read about it! to sign up for the waiting list! They’re in beta right now – and you’ll get an invite as soon as they can get you in!]

Or as my sister texted yesterday, having had her first fix: “this could get addicting :/”

I learned a lot when I received my first fix, and yet again: I’ve learned more the second time around.

This time I learned that I shouldn’t schedule a fix to arrive on a Monday.  I don’t have the energy to make myself look cute.  Also?  Photos of the clothes?  …sprinkled with laundry, laundry + laundry. Oy.

But y’all? I need your help deciding!.  Also? I need your grace.  Just glance at the clothing I’m wearingI know the piles of clothes + kiddo kissing the mirror are way cute than my hair mop + iPhone self portraits.  So quick glance at me, so you can give me your opinion, + then look at Harlow’s cuteness + feel better about your own house when you see the piles of laundry in mine.

Okay? Okay.

Also? I can’t fool you, so I will be posting the clothes in the order I tried them on … You’ll see the floor progressively become sprinkled with all the things as you scroll through.

Ready to judge me for how messy my room is? {kidding. I hope.}

So before I show you the clothes + accessories I received, I have to point out that I think someone from StitchFix has been living as a fly on my wall.  I sort of have this love affair happening with orange + navy.  From our new bedspread + our vintage throw, to the zippered pouches I’ve been sewing in the evenings, so I have time alone to think ….. It’s true: I love these colors!

When I opened my box + saw all of the blue + orange gorgeousness, I knew that there would be at least a few winners in the bunch!

I already had an outfit that screamed I LOVE COLORS on, so I snapped a few photos + added even more color to the mix.  Too much?

You’ll notice that I didn’t get my act together for my naptime fashion show, so Harlow joined me for the fun.

The green shirt I received in my first fix.  I admit: I love it.  This orange jacket-type-cardigan-ish top came in this fix.  I’ll come back to it — I’m still torn!

Keeping my bright blue jeans on, I tried on the sweater henley from Sanctuary.

I tried it on with a few pieces in my closet …  And while I like this henley top, I’ve got a few bones to pick.  1. it’s a little too safe 2. my torso is a little too long: I felt like I had to keep tugging it down.  Boo.

Then I threw it on with the bird skirt I received from Everly – the same designer as my green shirt!  Just like my green shirt from last time….I didn’t like it when I first saw it.  But after trying it on?  I’m sort of digging it! What do you think?  I really love having less clothes that I wear more often each season. I also want to start wearing skirts, tights + boots more in the winter! I always end up wearing pants until spring comes back around, but I’d like to change that!  My friend Rachael always wears the cutest skirt + dress outfits in the winter months every month of the year, so I’m copying. :o]

My little sidekick + I took a few breaks to read books + cuddle.

I felt + looked like a figure skater.  moving on. 

So this orange top!  I’m really torn, y’all.  It’s from Ark n Co, and it’s a mix between pea coat material + a sweater cardigan.

I love it.

Then I don’t.

It looks too old.  Then I love how it fits unexpectedly with other pieces in my closet.

what do you think?

The last piece in my fix was this scarf.  I have a lot of scarves, so I almost didn’t try it on!  I was bored when I wrapped it around my neck as usual, but when I tried my new addiction–turning a scarf into a vest–I sort of swooned + fell in love.

Okay! So I getting this post up because I need to figure out what I’m keeping + what I’m sending back?  Do I keep anything?  Is anything a no-do-not-buy-that-or-I-will-not-even-talk-to-you bad??


Want to schedule your own fix?  See more details here.  + here.  + !

xoxoxo Happy Monday!








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