Cheese state.

Packer land.

Land of blondes + “bay-g” + “don’t ya know” + other midwest twangy words.

Harlow + I are here visiting my parents for almost two weeks!! We miss my baby daddy something fierce, yet we are certainly enjoying our time with my parents, Harlow’s MorMor + Babu, my sisters, Aunt Brianne and Kaitlyn, Uncle Nate + my dad’s dad, my grandpa, her great!

Whew.  So it’s been eventful!

And because pictures are far cuter than my words right now, enjoy!

She travels in style.

Thankful that she’s weaned herself from her plug [pacifier], but a little bummed when she woke up from popping ears!  No sleep on the plane for Harlow!

Chatting with Aunt Kaitlyn, telling her to hurry on up!

Helping mommy vacuum the floors.

Going on her first of many dates to Linda’s bakery with MorMor + Babu.  Can you tell how much she loves them?

Aunt Kaitlyn arrived late on Friday evening – after Harlow’s bedtime.  But she stayed up and waited in the fancy dress Aunt Kaiti had made her!  She lit up when she heard Kaitlyn’s voice!

Loving every word.

Uncle Nate + Aunt Brianne arrived on Saturday morning, and we spent the afternoon picking apples + pressing cider.
Due to a late freeze, the apple crop was about 3% of what they typically get.  So the usual 60-70 gallons of cider … was a whopping 11 gallons this year!

Apple guts.

Neighborhood event.

At church, Harlow flirting with Andrew, my mentor Kelly’s youngest cutie.  He’s 2 days younger than Harlow + I’d be a happy mother-in-law if they decide to fall in love. :)

My grandpa arrives today!  And we have more projects and fun to be had this week!  Be sure to check back tomorrow for some awesome Influence Conference fun!   And today, be sure to check out the first post of their week-long Influence “things you should know” series!!

Will you be going to Influence??? I would love to meet you in person!! Leave a comment + let me know if you will be there!!




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