“Mom, I think the blue robot is me and the green one is you.
You have a big heart because you love me so much.”

Mason, age  3

I’ve only designed and made a handful of Coconut Robot blankets, but I love the creativity that goes into each one.  That quote from Mason?  He reminds me why I design and create.  Each piece that I make is a labor of love.  I’m not so great at that whole “make-them-all-the-same” thing.  I get bored.  And I want each person to feel special: because you are really special!

Each boot.  Each slipper.  Each hat, blanket, tag, clip, scarf, blanket… whatever it is.  When I say,

“love, Kacia”

I truly mean it.

When my shop opens at the start of 2013, blankets will be available once again.  Most available will be receiving blanket size – but I will be accepting a few orders each year for a custom, full size blanket [like Mason’s shown above].


After the comments and inquiries on this post – I have a little surprise for y’all coming tomorrow!  Be sure to check back!


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