I’m a story girl.  Not just any story, but stories of life change, new hope and opportunities, accomplishing the impossible: these are the stories I love.

When I hear “I can’t.” come out of someone’s mouth, everything inside me wants to help them get to a place where they are confidently saying “I can.”

Threads of Hope took the demolished and non-existant dreams of many women in South America, and turned them into families, degrees, food, careers, hobbies, and skills.

…changing the fabric of life.
It is what they set out to do and what they are accomplishing.

I had so many of you ask about this belt and comment on it!
So I decided to purchase another one… to give away!

This purple belt will be shipped to one of you!  I can’t wait to see how you style it!
I wear mine … a lot.  

Please email me if you’d like to purchase a belt, so I can connect you with Threads of Hope.

 outfit details: top, StitchFix // belt, Threads of Hope Textiles // jeans, J.Crew

I’m also headed upstairs to get ready for the day: today I am dressing for the day and linking up with Dear Abby Leigh.

and Psssst! Happy Halloween!  Trick or treating here in Pittsburgh has been rescheduled until Saturday, which means more time for me to finally pull together Harlow’s costume!

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