It’s been a busy season for us.  Or maybe I should say seasons? Plural.  Definitely plural.

I’m never really quite sure how to answer when someone casually asks:

so how are you doing?

I usually reply with *deep breath*


We’re just busy.

But there is a follow up that I’ve added to that sentence, a conjunction, if you will.

…but we’re learning how to work as a team.  


During this season, our communication has sky rocketed.

During this season, we’ve carried each other when exhaustion hit.

During this season, we’ve been learning what it means to truly be desperate for Him.


+ that desperation for Him is something we want present in every season.  It is something we want our children to see, not hear us talk about.

Do I want this season of busy to be forever?  Do I wantbusy to be the qualifying term?


But I am thankful for what He’s teaching us.  

+ I still can’t believe He’s entrusted this little blessing to us.


  • What are you learning during this season of life?
  • Has life been busy? or are you in a season of calm?
  • Any advice for this busy time for us?


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