1. gorgeous leaves // family walk
2. my little beauty
3. grape snack
4. bathtime with Wyler
5. glasses for mommy
6. afternoon of painting

1. looking at mommy’s drawing
2. kisses for daddy
3. Riley Roos from MorMor and Babu
4. my swoon-worthy sweater
5. enjoying the spring-like Autum weather
6. excited for toast
7. extra animals for the Nativity
8. snubbing Thanksgiving
9. Sunday brunch


These past few weeks have been full of adventure: getting outside as often as possible, road trips, tree hunting, and family photos.  This momma is fighting some sort of not-feeling-great-yuck, and I’m praying it stays with only me and goes away quickly.

’tis the season for sickness, eh?

I do, however, have some fun things to share with you!
Fun things on a Monday is always good, right?

Remember when I told you all about the amazing fashionABLE scarves?  Well, today they are offering free shipping for Cyber Monday!
I love how now that we have the internet, we get Black Friday AND Cyber Monday.  woot woot!

And for someone like me? Who is obsessed with all things internet when it comes to shopping–huh? who has her debit card numbers memorized? nah. not this girl–Cyber Monday means no lines, no crowds, pajamas, coffee and my computer.

I hope you’re staying as healthy as an ox… or something really healthy.
Are oxes really all that healthy?

I digress. 

{Scarf Photo Credit: Rachel Rowland}


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