Halloween brought a scary bear to the neighborhood this year.
Extremely scary and incredibly cute.

This year, due to expected weather from hurricane Sandy, Pittsburgh moved trick-or-treating to Saturday evening.  So around 5 o’clock we bundled up and made our way out with all the other creatures on the hunt for candy.

I should back up. 

Come Wednesday, yes, the actual Halloween holiday…not a week prior.  I realized that my pickiness while searching for a costume had left my daughter without one.  I was torn and had a bout of mom-guilt, so I decided to tackle something in the same vein as her lamb hat from last year.

Ready for some chubby baby cuteness?

So knowing that I had a few days to make it right, I decided to turn Harlow into a bear this Halloween.

It was cold, so she adorned her pink peacoat as well.

She was a bit timid as we began the candy adventure–unsure of why we were encouraging her to walk up to strangers handing out shiny objects.  Or why she was nearly getting knocked down by big kids all around her as she just stared in awe.

But it didn’t take her long to get the hang of it. 

The best part is that she has no idea what these shiny wrapper contain.  So when we returned home, the candy was dumped into a bucket–minus the mommy and daddy favorites–and Harlow handed out candy at the door.

Yes.  Imagine the cuteness of Harlow at the door handing out candy.
Now multiply it by ten. 

It was so cute.
And definitely what we’ll continue doing as a Halloween end-the-eve-with-giving tradition.

Harlow is wearing // bear cowl: made by mama // peacoat: gift, Circo Target // jeggings: Circo, Target // socks: Smart Wool // boots: Minnetonka
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