Yesterday marked eighteen months for my sweet love.

Part of me is in denial, but the majority of me is soaking up each day more and more.

When I take time to slow down and understand the excitement she exudes as she figures out so much, so quickly, and with so much joy.

Each day is an adventure for her.
I think her daily goal is to tire her ‘ole mommy out.

She usually succeeds.

I had so much fun documenting a few of my favorite sayings and words–I’m so thankful that Andy and I have been writing and recording them as often as we can.
Anyone else find themselves frantically deleting blurring photos to free up iPhone space all too often?

This girl certainly does.

But I hope I always have that problem.

I don’t want to slow down time, I want to capture bits of it before moving on.


Y’all? I want to encourage you to click on over to Rachel’s blog – today she is sharing something personal and awesome…and you might want to grab a tissue. I cried. A good cry — happy tears. Just go. You won’t be sorry: you’ll love her even more after you do. She is an amazing photographer, but more than that? She is a really amazing person.

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