Or perhaps this post should be titled

How I’m failing at the whole resting thing. 

It’s not something I do well.

I’m driven by my checklist.
I’m slave to the day’s schedule.
And the week, month, and year-long plans as well.

I usually don’t stop to even watch a movie–
which is probably why I don’t remember movies after I see them.

I’m learning that I need to be intentional about resting.
About stopping–or even just slowing.

I know I’ve rambled on this topic before, so you can see that I haven’t figured it out.
I don’t have the 5 steps that make it all magically happen.
and I haven’t found the perfect fix that I can muscle my way through.

Except I do know that I don’t have to clean up my life before bringing my mess before Him.

I know that the filth you see in my house doesn’t hold a candle to the filth in my life or my heart.

I pray that you will see the beauty in this world.
Believe that you can make it more beautiful.


I believe that He is the only one who can use us–use me, use you–to make things beautiful.
But I need to learn to rest in Him.  Truly rest.

I need to live like I believe that He can–and will–carry me.  

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