We love our neighborhood.

It’s a neighborhood where all are welcome.

It’s a neighborhood full of diversity of every kind.

It’s a neighborhood where stooping occurs regularly.
Not sure what stooping is?  Imagine a beautiful evening.  You’re walking down a historic block of rowhouses in the city.  You stop to admire a few of them, and you are invited by a few homeowners a few feet away.  They are out on their front stoop enjoying the weather–and they happen to have a few extra wine glasses out and waiting.  Y’know, just in case someone came by.

Yes.  Our neighborhood is that amazing.

Neighbors who become friends to feel like family.

Conversations from back deck into kitchen.

Borrowing flour, or an egg, or a pan.

One of the neighbor activities Harlow and I love is when our next door neighbor texts a quick

ducks today?

Rain or shine.  Warm or cool.  We head on down to the park and the pond, where Harlow giggles as she runs right into the crowd of ducks: loving as they flee from her as quickly as they can.
[Ducks actually freak me out a bit, but I’m warming up to them a bit.  But just a bit.]



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