I’ve written about my struggle with rest and quiet and still.

The words “I hate sleep” have come out of my mouth on more than one occasion.  And if I didn’t require it, I would probably never stop to sleep.

I tend to be a task person.

I end my day feeling successful by the number of check marks filled in on my list.

You can imagine how choosing an entire day to rest is scary to me.

I’m not using that fear as an excuse, but I’m a big “Mark the Day” person.
I need fresh starts and new beginnings.
I’m so thankful His mercies are new each morning. 

So until it becomes natural for our little family, our rest will be something we plan and schedule.

Something we take small steps toward each week.  Each day.

There are a few important points for us as a family:

1.  Growing up, my parents instilled some wonderful habits in our lives for a day of rest: an hour of resting after lunch, no chores, no tasks, no shopping: it was our Sunday routine.
Somehow I’ve let these habits fall to the wayside; I’ve let my task list rule.

2.  Technology is probably here to stay, so we want to learn how to use it well and create boundaries.  We want to model this for our children–and teach them through our actions, the importance of these boundaries.

3.  We want to tell our time and tasks what they do and when–not the other way around.

4.  We want our children to see the importance of hard work and responsibility.
Even more so, we want our children to see our love for Him and each other and them–not in what we say, but what we do.

5.  We want our family to be focused on giving and loving and caring for others.  We know that actions speak louder than words: we desire to speak loudly and boldly as a family.


As I write this?  Our house is quiet.  I’ve banished Andy to bed, as we’ve both been working around the clock and burning the candle from both ends.  [Did I say that phrase correctly? I have a terrible track record of mixing up common phrases…and saying something I really didn’t mean to say.  And with my lack of sleep?  It’s certainly possible that I did just that!]

I digress.

Given that I’m a “Mark the Day” type of gal, I’m so excited that the new year is approaching quickly.  I am also not dumb–well, not that dumb.  I know the shift of priorities and habits doesn’t occur overnight.

So we’re taking baby steps.

And we’re starting with why.  I do know a few things about changes? They stick a whole heck-of-a-lot more when there is a reason for the change in the first place.

Does your family implement periods of rest?
A full day? A few hours?
Any advice?
Are we crazy? <– Don’t answer that one.  I know we are.  :o]


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