I grew up playing piano–over a decade of classical Suzuki piano lessons.  I miss so many aspects of it, but there is one thing I often miss the most.

The recitals.

I don’t miss them because I want to play in them again–I miss listening.  I miss listening to the new beginners that make the audience ooo and aaah over their cuteness.  I miss listening to the older kids, as they performed these difficult Chopin waltzes and Brahms sonatas, I would tell myself

I will play that someday.

But the thing I remember most, was when a student would sit down at the piano and begin to play.  It didn’t sound like all the other numbers, and what I heard wasn’t simply the notes he or she had memorized to play.

What I heard was beauty, vulnerability, emotion–something that can’t be taught.

And although pottery isn’t piano, it might as well be when it comes to Natalie.  I spotted a few of Natalie’s necklaces and earrings a few months ago, and well, it’s safe to say I obsessed a bit.

There is something about Natalie’s jewelry and pottery that makes it stunningly timeless.  I think a pair of her earrings in every color would be the perfect addition to any outfit.

Her modern rectangle necklace is a unique classic–it’ll never go out of style.

And her rings?  I love. these. rings.

I had the chance to meet Natalie at the Influence Conference this past October, and I’m not sure how to express through these typed words, just what a beautiful heart this girl has.

{She makes me laugh: I love her joy.}

I am in love with this necklace.


I think Natalie’s earrings would make the be thing friend gift ever.

For Black Friday, Natalie is offering 25% off from 10pm Thursday through midnight on Friday.  She doesn’t do many sales throughout the year, so this is a great day for online gift shopping.  And a way to avoid the Black Friday shopping in actual stores.

{Photos from the incredible Rachel Rowland Photography}

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