Peek through my window.
Step inside my front door.
Spend a day with my family.

Not because we are perfect.

Not because we have all the answers–far from it.

Not because I think you will learn or glean anything from us.

you’ll find cluttered and well lived in spaces.

You might experience food on your face,

and items waiting for their moment in front of the camera lens.

You’ll observe a girl who loves the people living in mommy’s her ipad.

You’ll hear squeals of laughter and giggles of joy.

you’ll spot crooked smiles and silly faces.

You’ll experience dress up and kisses.
Dancing and climbing.
Messes and smiling and laughter and chores.
You’ll probably notice footsie occurring at lunchtime.
There is a good chance you will trip on a toy.

You’ll catch a glimpse of a little girl running to see her “oggie! Wy-wah!” through the backdoor windows.
You’ll want to run too: her joy is infectious.

But most of all, I want you to see the love within these walls
–a love that floods out when the doors swing open.

A love that I learn from my child and my God.

A love I pray she somehow sees in me.

Not by how many times a week I vacuum.
Not by the degree of coordination of her outfit,
or if we changed out of our pajamas.
Not gauged by  how many days I shower or put on make up.

But because of what He’s doing in me.
And I see more and more each day… how He’s turning my mess into something beautiful.


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