1 | Morning books for the baby dolls
2 | Christmas Card photo shoot
3 | Christmas tree hunt
4 | Little MissMatched

1 | my sweet Harlow
2 | Naptime Diaries {wood prints}
3 | Gloriana Scarf – my new favorite!
4 | relaxing a the cabin

1 | Wonderfully Made
2 | such a little mommy
3 | soaking up our Vitamin D
4 | kitchen picnic with mommy


It has been a week changed expectations: not lowered or raised, just changed.

It has been a week of 70° days and 30º days.
I would love more of the seven-zero numbers in December.

Harlow had her first ear infection this week.
Is that one I document in the baby book?

My mind has been spinning: new ideas, new designs, new creations.

I’m learning so much over these past few months–learning what is life-giving and what isn’t.

Not so I can ignore what I don’t enjoy doing, but so that I can understand my own patterns.
Why I procrastinate in one area, but find joy working until the sun almost comes up on others.

I’m excited about what these observations might mean for me–I’m nervous
very nervous
to share them with you as well.

I never claim to have it figured out, nor do I know the answers.  But somehow, I hope, that all of this:

all my questions and thinking and rambling and mumbling and failing and trying,


Somehow I pray it encourages someone.

Even just one. 




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