The last day of 2012.
How on earth did this day sneak up on me so quickly??

Between travel and family and celebrating and projects and Andy home more than usual: we have been spoiled and blessed.
Blessed doesn’t really even seem to capture how I’m feeling.

{blows dust off my laptop as I dig it out of my bag}

I had grandiose plans of scheduling all my posts and “life” online early in the month of December, but then as days always do: I blinked and we are ready to turn the page.
Ready to begin 2013.

I will most likely remain in denial for the first few weeks of the new year.
It never quite feels like a new year until my birthday hits me smack in the face!

So in the spirit of ringing in the new year–and because I’m still unpacking bags and trying to catch up–I thought I would document 2,012 of my favorite moments of the year 2012.


I kid. I kid.  How about 12?  12 feels like a much better number.
{I’ve told y’all I was a dork, remember?}

12.  The difficult times and arguments with Andy.  I know that might be a strange part of the year to want to remember, but we have grown so much as husband and wife–and most of all, as a team.  I’ve learned that usually what I point out as “yuck” in him I see so loudly…because it’s so very present in my own life.  After three years of this thing call marriage, I love him more than ever.

11.  Our new home.  After many years of searching–in a 10 block radius–for a home, we began the slow process of building.  While yes, a house isn’t perfect, eternal, or the most important thing, it has been a true blessing as we make this house our home.

10.  Right in line with number 11, would be all of our fun projects that we’ve tackled together this year.  I know between Andy and I we could probably use a third wheel who is awesome at finishing all the projects we start, but I happen to love our home full of projects, pieces and inspiration.

9.  New friends.  When I became a mom in 2011, I struggled with the shift from working fulltime outside of the home, to a life where my boss was this tiny human being.  She wasn’t great at raises, or helping me with goals–or even telling me if I was meeting them!  Thankfully God placed so many amazing people in my life during this time when I needed them most.

8.  Harlow’s milestones.  During this year, Harlow began walking, talking, dancing, prancing, and jumping and so much more.  I learn something new from her every day–she teaches me how to love and love well.

7.  My blog.  I debated putting this item on the list, but by disciplining myself to write this letter–this story–in this space, I have been truly blessed.  I process through talking and writing–but find it so easy to just become to busy to do either.
Thank you for joining my family and I in this little space!

6.  A new nephew or niece!  Well, s/he didn’t make an appearance during 2012, but we got the great news!  We couldn’t be more excited for my sister, Bri and her husband, Nate.
And Harlow cannot wait to have a cousin!

5.  She Reads Truth.  I don’t really have the words to describe how God has changed me through She Reads Truth.  I’ve often said “I don’t want to remember back to days when I felt close to God–I want that to be right now.”
And now again, it is.
{I am so excited about the new plan we start tomorrow!! Head on over to She Reads Truth for details!}

4.  A dream team.  Andy and I have so much fun dreaming together: thinking of new ventures, ideas, plans and designs.  I never want to lose this aspect of our relationship–through failings and winnings–through it all.

3.  Lessons learned.  I’ve learned a lot over this past year.  Some of these lessons have been painful and long–and I know that I will still mess up.  But documenting and processing these things–talking about them and shining a light on them.
I’m learning that doing that is one of the best remedies for the pain.

2.  His heart.  His people.  I have seen so much hurt this year in our world answered by help and love from strangers.  I tell Andy all of the time that I will need to interview neighbors before we ever more again.  I want our children to see us loving people for people–not for any label or description this world slaps across their foreheads.
I want to love like He does.

1.  My God.  He will forever top the list of each year I spend here on earth.  All the things I share here in this space and in my everyday life are gifts from Him–I pray that I use these gifts well.
I pray that somehow, you are encouraged.

I told a friend the other day,

I want to be a voice that speaks truth in this world so full of lies.  I won’t always get it right, but I want to bleed and sweat love, above anything else.

IMG_3055 IMG_3235 IMG_3245 IMG_3259

I have so many fun photos to share from our Christmas celebrations, and I rob a few days of the new year to document those memories.
Hope you won’t mind!

Did you recap your year?  Leave a link if you did: I would love to read about all that happened in your 2012!



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