Something about this week has encouraged me to really stop and soak up and remember every ounce of Harlow.

Perhaps it’s the holiday season.

Perhaps it’s my own desire to slow down–manage my time and priorities a bit better.

Perhaps it was this week’s episode of Parenthood–

Whatever it is, I have to say: I absolutely adore this 18 month-ish stage.

Something about her eyes: the excitement, the adventure.

There is something about her right now, that I want to bottle up and store for the hard days.

Store it for the arguments I know we’ll have someday.

Store it for the days she tells me she’s too big to cuddle.

I know I’ll love each age and season differently–and probably more as they comebut I never want to forget these precious times.

And I never want her to doubt how much I enjoyed them.

But pausing time is impossible to do, so I’m storing it in photos and videos and most of all, memories.


{around the web}
This week I am so humbled and honored to be included in a few spaces, other than my own.
Disney Baby Blog
Broadway + Thresher
Dot in the City
I am also really excited about these upcoming weeks in December!  Behind the scenes, I’m working hard on a new look for the blog and *finally* a shop, so y’all don’t have to be confused about ordering anymore.
I know.  Get with the times, Kacia.  Get with the times.


New projects, new designs, new products to purchase, giveaway fun.

I told you it would be a fun few weeks!
Happy Friday!





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