I struggled working on this post–it doesn’t feel right to just continue on like nothing has happened, yet I don’t have words to say how I’m feeling.

I am praying and holding my loved ones closer than ever–I know my God is still a good God, but that doesn’t mean I’m not confused and hurt and angry.

But right now, clinging is the only thing I know to do.

__ __ __

I love photos.  I’m not a huge fan of being in them, but I’m working on that.

This year, my dear friend snapped some gorgeous family photos–she really has magic, because I think we were outside for all of 15 minutes!


I am also terrible at planning for Christmas cards–but I’m proud to say that I actually have put most of them in the mail!
Usually our cards end up as more of a “happy new year!” card…not on purpose, but, you know… good intentions don’t get cards orders, addressed and mailed!

*pats self on back*
{Just kidding.  Kinda.}

I loved these photos so much, I’ll be ordering some to replace the photos that are over two years old.
Insert another note about good intentions, here.  <–I’ve been meaning to replace them for a while now!

So in the mean time, thanks for listening to my rambling sentences on this Monday morning and enjoy some cute photos of Harlow and Andy!
Just ignore the fact that I am wearing my slippers.

Christmas-Extras i-fzbGDKq-XL i-GvX7mhK-XL i-Qz2DQDj-XLi-WkZ8xrG-XL


I mean seriously.

How cute are they!?


{a few have asked where my red shirt is from, it’s a favorite of mine from StitchFix!}



Thank you, Rachel! For these absolutely gorgeous photos!  You are so extremely talented!
Be sure to check out Rachel’s blog over these next few weeks, as she shares her trip to Haiti!
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