This new scarf is one of my absolute favorite designs!  I know it might not be for everyone, but I just love the femininity of a wearing a bow.  I loved it so much after I made it, but I always wonder if others will love it too.

So what do you think?

The Gloriana scarf is made of 100% wool–super soft roving wool.  It’s not itchy, and it’s so warm!
If you are unable to wear wool, I will work with you to find a fiber that works best for you.

oh! And since I will dress to match my daughter until she won’t let me anymore, I promise to show you the Gloriana *toddler* Scarf soon!

Available January 1, 2013 when our new shop opens!


And because I keep telling you all about how un-glamourous and dorky I am, I thought I’d share what I look like in most of the photos I weed through: Rachel somehow snaps a few shots in between my stink faces and chatting.
See? I’m a dork.

Happy Wednesday! Did you find any gifts to purchase from the Gifts that Give more collection? I’d love to hear if you did!


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The talented Rachel Rowland took these photos for me–I had to show off her new puppy!! Maeby is a Newfoundland: absolutely huge and precious.  She’s got Wyler beat in the size department!




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