I don’t refer to myself as an artist, but I probably am by most standards.
I love to create.  I love to observe other pieces of art.

And often, more than the final product, I love learning about the process.

How did the artist get here?
Why these colors?
What emotions did the artist feel when creating it?
Was the final creation acceptable? 
Was it a masterpiece?

And as I drove through the town I sometimes still refer to as home.
I looked at the snow.

I started to wonder.

Why snow?

Why white?

Why Winter?

Why at Christmas?

Is there a reason we ask and pray for White Christmases?

Deep down, do we long for that covering of white?

Is that why it’s there?  As a visual reminder for the way His love covers us?

I’m not sure His reasoning, but something tells me that He thought about every little detail.
And often I just like to sit and think about that.

And wonder.

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