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One day we’ll maybe move to the country, but for now I love being so close to everything.
Even the people walking by yelling speaking loudly. 

I’m working on wearing more skirts and dresses with tights this winter.
I’m not totally failing at it yet.

We’ve done some musical chairs in our home since being home from all of the travel.
Put me in the car for two days straight, and I come up with a lot of ideas.

It is dangerous.

I’m excited to share some of the ideas and projects we’re working on in the changes.
It’ll be fun!

I need to ask the internet for bangs-no bangs advice.
I am still torn.

But one thing I am not doubting is my love for my new sweater from Stitch Fix.
Or my fix coming next week.  Have you tried it yet?
{over on the right are links to a few of my favorite fixes so far}

Dates to the mall with my loves.
They make the mall way more fun.


 on Harlow | hat, vest, shirt: 77kids | jeggings: target | boots: Minnetonka | socks: Smartwool |
on me | dress: StitchFix, Peppermint | cardigan, belt: J.Crew | tights: target || tribal cardigan, StitchFix, BB Dakota |


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