You know when you teeter back and forth between “we can totally do this!” and “what have I gotten myself into?”

Yeah that.
That is where I am right now.

You see, I’ve decided that we could, over the next three weeks, provide funding for 8 children to be adopted in Ethiopia.

Do you think I’m crazy?

I kind of think I am.
But I am up for the challenge.

You with me?

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Through Pure Charity, we have the opportunity to turn everyday shopping into small steps that change lives.

Still confused? 

Let me try to explain–or just hop over here to sign up and watch a few videos that explain it all!

1| You shop online at J.Crew, Apple, Target or hundreds of other online vendors.
2| By using Pure Charity, a percentage from that purchase goes into your giving fund.
3| Use your giving fund to back projects happening all around the world.
4|  Link up with friends through social media, back projects together, and receive updates on the projects you partner with.
5|  Be part of the change.

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*there is a great browser plugin available here!  This plugin lets you know when you are shopping online through a vendor partnering with Pure Charity!  I know I always forget to “start with Pure Charity,” but this plugin makes it so easy to remember!  And they also make sure you know every sale and coupon available for that vendor!

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*Pure Charity has also partnered with companies like Living Social and Groupon! So if you enjoy those local deals, be sure to sign up, so you can use part of that purchase towards a charity project!  Just click “Local” from your dashboard to check them out!

I told you Pure Charity was amazing!

The Challenge

can we do it?

I chose the Kidmia Foundation for this challenge as soon as I read out their mission and ministry.  Our family is in the middle of our adoption journey, and my parents will be in Ethiopia this month serving and providing medical assistance for its people.

I might be overly emotional right now, but I started crying as I read the meaning behind the name:

In Amharic, the language of Ethiopia, “kidmia” means “priority.”


Beging treated as important.  The Kidmia Foundation is doing just that for these children and families.
You can read stories of lives being changed through the Kidmia Foundation here!

So even as I complete this post, I am nervous.

Can we do this?
Can we change the lives of 8 children in the next three weeks?

 Let’s start by giving Kidmu a home.  A family.

 Tomorrow is my birthday.  I know that most of you aren’t planning on buying me a gift–but would you consider the gift of a family for these children?  Perhaps for valentine’s day this year, you ask for a gift to be made to the Kidmia Foundation.

If just 80 of us give $25, we are already there.

Don’t look around and wait for others to give–will you prove my nervousness wrong?

Can we make an impact together?

I can’t wait to share more with you all over these next three weeks!
Each Thursday I will share an update on our progress!

Next Thursday I am so excited to have a few amazing giveaways up for grabs! So sign up for Pure Charity and install the plugin, and use your everyday shopping to make a difference!



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