Harlow absolutely adores her Aunt Kaitlyn.
She loves all of her Aunties and Uncles, but she and Kait have a special bond.

Harlow will chat on the phone with Kaitlyn for what seems like an hour.
Harlow will listen as Kaitlyn reads her bedtimes stories that makes my reading sound like an awful educational film narrator.
{I must be such boring mom.}

They giggle.

They run.

They laugh.

And Kaitlyn spoils her little niece.

So while we were prepping to take our family photo for my parents’ Christmas New Year’s card, they had fun with Kaitlyn’s new camera remote.
I, of course, had to join in the fun.


Kaitlyn designed this sweet little jacket for Harlow.  Plaid lining and a zipper that goes around the collar:
it’s the most precious thing ever.


so last year, Kaitlyn got me a generic brand camera remote for my Canon DSLR.  If you couldn’t tell from the above photos… it doesn’t work so well.
{If you’re interested in purchasing one that actually works!
Here is the one I ordered for $20.}


on me | Dress from Stitch Fix: Peppermint | belt from J. Crew
on Kait | necklace from NS Pottery | shirt + cardigan from Banana Republic

Today marks the “Andy goes back to work” day.
{cue violins and sad music}

Part of me is ready for our typical routine and daily flow–but dang.  I like having him around.
It’s like I married my best friend or something.


psst! I was also listed over at StitchFix as one of their top bloggers of 2012.  I have a huge crush on Stitch Fix, and I’ll be writing about them again soon–but go check out their new look and blog!  It’s definitely one of my daily reads!

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