Did you know that brussels sprouts has an “s” at the end of brussel?

I wasn’t aware of that extra S, but now I will never forget.

You never know when a fact like that helps you win a game of Cranium.

Just wanted to gift you a bit of knowledge today.
You’re welcome.

And speaking of brusselsprouts, I actually have a point.

My favorite thing to eat when we roast brussels sprouts are the crispy “chips” from leaves falling off onto the pan.
I learned I was not alone.

Check out this recipe.  Genius.  Just genius.

I am really all over the map today.  Yikes.

This past weekend was relaxing–partly by choice, partly because I didn’t have much of a choice.

Yes.  I got the lovely head cold, keeping me laying low for most of the weekend.

There is nothing sweeter though, than listening to Harlow’s giggles as she and her daddy “work” in the basement.  She works at her tool table, she chases the doggy, and of course–makes a mess of everything Andy tries to clean up.
Nothing sweeter.

But a sweet toddler making “break-bis” for mommy in her robe?  That’s pretty sweet too.

breakfast IMG_4079 IMG_4073 IMG_4078

See more of Harlow’s kitchen here.
Order it here!

Huge thank you to everyone who commented, emailed, texted and tweeted advice and suggestions for beating the winter funk!  I did break down and buy a sun lamp!  I couldn’t believe the price {less than $30}, and I’ve heard great things about it.  I promise to keep you all posted!

And really, thank you all for loving me from afar–even having never met me!  I was really encouraged to know that I wasn’t alone in feeling down in the winter months.

I am so excited about this coming week and month–so much to share with you all!



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