You know I love them.  I’ve never been a big fan of malls or shopping–even before I became a mom.
Now online shopping?  That is my gig.

speaks my love language.  And I’ve asked them to be my Sister Wife, of sorts.
Yes.  I love them that much.

In case you missed my previous fixes, here is my first and favorite fixuntil now!my orange and blue fix, my plunging neckline fix, and my Influence Conference fix.

Yes. In case you missed all of that.  Go ahead.  I will wait while you go check out my awful iPhone self portraits.
You can thank my husband for the tripod that he ordered–my life has officially been upgraded from in-the-mirror self portraits.
It’s a big day, people!

Well, I’ve been receiving fixes, always keeping at least one item!  I just haven’t been doing so well at sharing them with you all.
Blame no makeup, 3 day hair, and sweats.  I’ve chosen to spare you.

But today.
Today I need your help!


psst! Have you seen Stitch Fix’s new branding?? I love it so much.  So much.



what do you think?  What is a keeper? and what do I send back?

{let me know if you do, so I can see what you get!}

Okay!  Be honest now.  Hate? Love? Awful? Gorgeous?

Update: I always forget to add prices on these posts–I get too excited about the actual clothes.  Each of these items were between $50-70.









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