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It is a word that has been heavy on my heart over the past few weeks.

I wrote about it, and I’ve continued journaling and reading about it.


Since being back home after the holidays, Andy and I have purposely been trying to slow.
Sit together more.
Relax together more.
Even fold laundry and do the dishes together more.

I had deprived myself of something to the point of not missing that something anymore.

Time with my best friend.
Time with my partner, my teammate.


I am an all or nothing girl.

If I can’t do something well, I probably won’t even try to do it at all.
My mom used to encourage me to learn to play tennis.  You know, so I could play with a boyfriend someday.

My response?
I won’t date someone who wants to play tennis.

But when it’s something I want to excel at?  I see that goal, and I see it clearly.

I need grace.

Grace for myself.
Grace for others.
Grace in all forms: as a noun, as a verb.
Grace as a need.

So Andy and I decided that each year we would choose a word for our family.  We would display this word and its attributes we want to focus on.

This year we chose the word, grace.

Grace because we’re going to get it wrong.
Grace because we want presence to be a blessing.
Grace because for every step forward, we will for sure take steps back.
Grace because we need it, because we’re going to mess up.


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